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love to heal, hows this game for me.

happydan20happydan20 Cedar Rapids, IAPosts: 260Member Uncommon

I love being a healer, even though i know you get blamed for everything and you cant solo, i like the challenge of making up for the flaws of others and this game caught my eye.

I'm installing it now, i was just wondering if anyone could comment on how the game is for the healers?  Does everyone have a healer, are they in demand, do they get groups easy?


  • polar568polar568 Fargo, NDPosts: 1Member

    you will find parties easily and a great to everyone but ksing might a little much somwtimes and its easy to make someone hate u for not ksing them ksing= kill saving

  • kinidokinido WisconsinPosts: 408Member Uncommon

    Everyone plays a mystic, they are the easiest solo'ers and group mates .. youll find groups full of just mystics lol ;

    PS - All mammals have nipples.

    Get over it already.


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