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Allods corrupt file loop

Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

        I was just curious as to how many potential players this infininity loop has affetcted so far?

      I downloaded the game and was ready to give it a try. From the trailers, the info that I read at MMORPG and the video  review that Massively had done about the game convinced me to try it out. When I clicked to start the game it detected a corrupt file. I waited a few more minutes for it to check the files. Low and behold there were no corrupt files. So I tried it once again it detected a corrupt file and the process has gone on and on. So far everything suggested to me hasn't worked.

  It really looks like a nice game. Nice character customization the ability to play 6 or so different races, 24 or 28 different professions or classes. The ability to play for the side of good or to go try the dark side. Looks like a good basis for a good crafting system. May need to provide a few more options in that department. But I don't know myself, still haven't actually gotten to play it.

      Does anyone have some suggestions as to how to handle this problem? I have downloaded some kind of supposed fixing program that didn't work. I saw one idea about renaming some loader file but didn't understand the part about going in a bin file .

     Ahh well if I can't find some help soon I'll have no choice but to move on. Hate to try something else without at least giving this a try.




  • MadDemon64MadDemon64 Maplewood, NJPosts: 1,102Member Uncommon

    I once had that problem.  As it turned out there were I had too many programs running (anything more complicated than a web browser or a word document probably sets this off).  Have you checked to see if you are running anything other than the game and a web browser at one time?  If this doesn't work, you could always try to reinstall it.

    Since when is Tuesday a direction?

  • Shaggy67Shaggy67 Sylva, NCPosts: 76Member

       Thanks for the reply MadDemon64,

       I don't believe I had anything else running but I could have now that you mention it.

       I'll have to make sure that only the program is running. I have been telling people to check this game out. One person has started playing and they didn't have any problems so I could have had something else running. 

      It was just frustrating  image  I had tried Grand Fantasia for a bit til they did an update and I couldn't get back in. I was going to try Runes of Magic but I don't have a 128mb graphics card only a stock 64mb card.  Yes I have an older computer lol.The graphics were ughh so I came back mmorpg to have a look around and found Allods appealing. Then I stumbled on the video review had done showing the character creation and that's what what got me eager to try it out. So I was just a bit frustrated with my run of luck. I did download Battle of the Immortals and I actually got to play it.  I'm just so happy to finally get something to work. But i will make another attempt at playing Allods pretty soon. Just want to explore Battle a bit so I can make a fair comparison between the two. But I will give Allods a try even if I have to download the client a few times.

    Sort of hard to promote a game if you haven't actually tried it yourself.

  • magessmagess Tulsa, OKPosts: 14Member

    I had the same issue when I tried to download it again a couple months ago and nothing on their support forums helped me. The only remote piece of advice I found was that every single patch that had been released had to be installed manually and, being a game still in "beta", there was a ton. In the end I said screw it. If they can't fix their bloody client downloader after MONTHS of this problem still being around the game isn't worth my time.

  • norman728norman728 Philadelphia, PAPosts: 143Member Uncommon

    I looked and found that they mention it may bet a Video driver. they ask that you send a copy of the DXdiag log to find the error.

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