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2 days no login you are done with it

Larry2298Larry2298 AmsterdamPosts: 865Member

This game requiring you to login to play on a daily basis. If you did not login for 2 days then you are done with it. For example, your employee loyalty will drop everyday so you would need to raise it up again, otherwise, in case you have very high level employee then other players could poach (hijack) your employee. Second example, you need to refill your merchandise every other day or sometime everyday. If you failed to do it once, you are done with the game.

So people spend money to play this game maybe got hooked by the company. There are some paid to play players in this game as well. Hoping this information is helpful to player want to join to play.


  • montinmontin IpswichPosts: 218Member

    Not sure how you think this would be helpful. Basically it's a browser game that to be effective you do need to log in every day. Though you could setup your business to run for 4 days without you logging in. But really if your going to do that then dont bother playing. And to be fair you only need to play for a few minutes a day to keep things ticking over. Heck, I've spent more time waiting around for people to pull their finger out and get to raids on time. Anyway, if you want to run a business then it's worth a look. If you want to kill stuff then your looking in the wrong place. Also if you cant spare a few minutes a day then really I'd say dont bother getting involved because as your business grows the time you spend will need to increase.

  • Larry2298Larry2298 AmsterdamPosts: 865Member

    I have time to play game and clicking here clicking there clicking everwhere on the screen. But don't forget one thing, unlike the other games, if you go for vacation then all you have done to put into the game such as time, upgrades and real money will be gone before your vacation ends.  

    The game tight you up terribly to force you login on daily basis, and on their item mall, they even trying to sell gold cost you up to US$4,999.00 yes, it's American Dollars. During the game, the page may switch to Chinese website from time to time. Also, the guild chat is actually readable by everyone on the server includes those are not in your guild. Guild chat and public chat could be same chat channel but different tag. What? Why? Is that a joke? Nope, because due to Chinese Internet Cleaniess Control, they are monitoring if people using the guild chat to discuss things like treason or exchange porn site etc so you are not allowed to speak privately in this game. Even whispering to other players will be under Chinese Internet Freedom Control.

    If you are not allowed to have vacation or the risk to get bankruptcy after vacation then you may not to consider to be a Business Tycoon either in real life or virtual life.

  • GdemamiGdemami Posts: 10,351Member Rare

    Originally posted by Larry2298

    if you go for vacation then all you have done to put into the game such as time, upgrades and real money will be gone before your vacation ends.  

    You once again do not understand the game you play and talk about... *sigh*

    The game does not force you in any way to play daily. There are plenty of players who log in three times a week.

  • Larry2298Larry2298 AmsterdamPosts: 865Member

    I believe the game developer has concept about this free to play game was if you did not login to play everyday, it means you don't like the game. Why I would sensed such concept from the game because if you don't login everyday, there are many negative impact happened to you.

    I am still playing this game until now. 

    1. If you don't want to pay real money to buy game coin, then some events in the 16 hours acitvity was only way to obtain gratis coin. The word gratis is funny, grat is coin, in Swedish gratis means free.

    2. Your character needs exp and attribute point and it is mainly from daily quest, you need to close and open shops to gain attribute point. Then, report to the investor will gain investor credit, then complete secretary routine will gain 1 additional point, while you completed the daily quest, you will received a few experiences.

    There is no need to tell how importance of attribute point, credit and exp.  

    3. Your employee needs the attribute point by doing routine so they have ability and better performance to take care of the business. You could order your employee to do the routine a couple time for the day which is based on the company size.

    4. If you have a factory manufacturing something, you may want to continue the production, so it is essential to login to check it out.

    5. You may want to refill your store's inventory.

    More importantly is, if you spend sometime to training your employee but other players may poach your employee if the employee loyalty to you is low. Or, someone damage your store or use price strategy to make your shop less income. If the other player continue to damage your shop on the second day or even a Guild of player attacking your shops all in one day. Your business would be totally rubbish.

    The employee loyalty drops 1 point everyday. I heard below 94, other player could poach it.

    I havent login for one day, I found out, those employees with 100 ability all drop 1 ability. I have no idea why the employee ability will drop because some of them still have several attribute points did not attribute by me. That's why I think it is some kind of negative thing like penalty. 



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