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Closed Beta date and client download



  • RodentofdoomRodentofdoom NottinghamPosts: 273Member

    Theres a bug in account registration apparently


    info on HOMM forum --> here

  • thorwoodthorwood MayfieldPosts: 485Member

    I have successfully installed the game, obtained a beta key, activated the beta key, logged in to play and completed some of the introductory quests.

  • NosferazielNosferaziel ParisPosts: 64Member

    Thank you ! It works now

  • BeermanglerBeermangler Cluj NapocaPosts: 402Member Uncommon

    I had no glitches in the logging in process... so far :)

    Better to be crazy, provided you know what sane is...

  • BobRossBobRoss new philadelphia, OHPosts: 213Member

    Got it to work TY!

  • sakersaker harrisburg, PAPosts: 1,097Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by sakkath
    I've created an account, downloaded the client, fired it up and I get a welcome page that is mostly a big black box. Looks like there's a main window missing. I click the play button and it brings up a little graphic of a title bar with a minimize and close icon only. Nothing else.
    I have to end task to get rid of it, and the client seems to be still mostly localized in Chinese from what I can tell.
    Epic fail.

    I've now managed to get to the point where you get the title bar same as sakkath mentions above... Tried both low and high definition, and it won't close without useing task manager to force it to close (then win7 64 gives error that it was flash that was the trouble, and to uninstall-re-install. Which I've now done, repeatedly, each time with a full re-start...). Pity I would have loved to have given this a try, loved the original games back-in-the-day.

  • sakkathsakkath SydneyPosts: 5Member

    Yeah I still have the same problem. I heard there is a fix, something to do with flash & IE but I'm still trying to find out what the fix is.

    My guildmates have told me that this game is utter trash anyway, but given how much I loved HOMM2,3,5 I still want to give this a try.

  • DraftbeerDraftbeer SzarvasPosts: 517Member Uncommon

    Your guildmates are right  unfortunately.

  • Loke666Loke666 KalmarPosts: 19,919Member Epic

    Ok, I can't use my account since it has a capitol letter in it. I created a new one but my key does not work a second time and the sites who was listed on the official forum no longer gives out keys.

    I am getting rather angry at this you know, I can accept a lot of problems in a beta but if certain account does not work I at least expect them to either change my name and mail me my new name or clear my key so I can use it again or even mail me a new key. This isn't exactly quantum physics, I seen non working patchers and had problem to even start the beta but this is a first.

    Fix this or I am out of this beta.

  • sakkathsakkath SydneyPosts: 5Member

    I managed to solve this problem by installing the flash plugin for IE.

  • Loke666Loke666 KalmarPosts: 19,919Member Epic

    Originally posted by sakkath

    I managed to solve this problem by installing the flash plugin for IE.

    You do mean Adobe flash player 10, right? It did nothing with the issue for me.

  • sakkathsakkath SydneyPosts: 5Member

    Sorry I meant to quote myself, installing flash for IE solves the problem where only the titlebar opens.

    I wouldn't worry about your account issue anyway, this game is seriously not worth trying to play. Beta isnt going to solve it, it's total garbage.

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