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Anyone managed to get into the serwer?

biplexbiplex WarszawaPosts: 268Member

Every time i try it says server is under maintenance :(

image Polski Poradnik Gry Tera Online


  • captloki13captloki13 ButuanPosts: 12Member Uncommon

    Yeah me too, I have been trying to login for like three hours now and still server maintenance. Are they really gonna let use play or are they just gonna hype to game to much? I really like the game and I really like to play it, hope they stop maintaining the damn game and let us play.

  • biplexbiplex WarszawaPosts: 268Member

    I was digging for some information, and i found out thet the beta sterts on may 11.
    It would be freaking nice on the side of MMORPG if they said that on the page where you get keys, instead of "Get your account and get into the beta now!"

    image Polski Poradnik Gry Tera Online

  • Hero108Hero108 Irvine, CAPosts: 3Member

    The Closed Beta date is noted on the giveaway page now :D Thanks for the suggestion!

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