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unique online rpg game

Interested in a unique kind of online RPG game? I played a lot of online games but this game is different. This game is 2D and really is unique in its own way. There are 5 characters to choose from (Warrior, Mage, Taoist, Swordsman and Priest). There are tons of items in the game that can be used for quest or creating weapons or armors. Unlike other online games, where you can add your skill points when you level up, this game would let you decide weather use your EXP to level up your base level or level up your skills. That’s why this game has a lot of source of EXP and that’s why this game is very unique.

Another good thing about this game is that all players are willing to help you, just type any question in game and set it to world, and it will broadcast to all. GMs are very helpful too (Hi GM heidi ^_^ v), they even message you just to answer your questions.


IGN: ingo


Rating: 10


  • zzx81zzx81 singaporeMember Posts: 53

    Hiya not against you or anything but its actually from an old chinese mmorpg anyone who knows chinese will see the similarity after trying that.

    It just have the exact same interface and game structure that i cant help myself to be a busybody to post this. lolx sorry.

    Well its good also considering that chinese version have never been translated before so you can call it a first in the english population but old story for the chinese population. So have fun everone!!


  • FaituFaitu BrasMember Posts: 90

    Sorry, but just from the screenshots you can tell that this game has nothing of unique. No insult intended, but those five character archetypes are the most basic and are present in almost ALL fantasy MMORPGs. I don't really get the sense of your reasoning because most of the few features you've described are present in pretty much every korean grinder out there, though the EXP distribution thing is something I've never seen before, but I don't see how that changes much gameplay-wise.

  • DragonBlade0DragonBlade0 auburn, NHMember Posts: 2

     Faitu remember dont judge a book by its cover but in this case dont judge the game by screenshots.

  • TrucidationTrucidation Stage 5.0 (26 Dimensional Jump)Member Posts: 86

    How is Faitu wrong? He did correctly point out that the features mentioned are not "unique", and without unnecessarily being insulting either. This is information that is useful to people who have played many MMOs and should have more than a passing familiarity with what is considered "typical" as opposed to what is TRULY "unique".

    I'm not interested in reading sanitized reviews. I've played too many damn MMOs. I'd appreciate it if people laid off the freaking hyperbole.

    " In Defeat, Malice; In Victory, Revenge! "

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCMember Posts: 7,856 Uncommon

    the only issue i have is the fact the game dev sent such a low res low quality view of the game

    google it lol!the view is way better then the picture . it looks like a nice little game.(find a hd view(1080)

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