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They claim this is a free game



  • asimoxasimox Hartland, MEPosts: 5Member
    Originally posted by Faitu

    Originally posted by sanedor

    Why do people fuss about these games , they are free to play . but if you want more then you pay for the extras.. would you work for free? not !!


    They are not free. One thing cannot be partially free, if there is some cost involved, it already stops being free. We're not whinning that these games should be 100% free and that their workers should gain no profit, we're saying that the use of the terminology "Free to Play" in games like this is absurdly wrong. Playing such games is as using "Shareware" or "Demo" software. They're not Freeware, but many of them can be used for as long as you want. The thing about shareware is that if you want to own the software, you have to pay. It's no different in these games, they just use the term "Free" to lure more people and have them believe they don't have to pay anything to experience the full game. But as soon as those people start playing, they notice that what the ads had them believe was obviously wrong.

    But it IS free to play.. you can play the game.. have fun gain a few levels you only have to pay if you want to be top player or reach high levels..   THe statement "free to play" is 100% accurate. You can play free.. you might have to PAY TO SUCCEDE  but they never mentioned success. If you want to quibble about semantics at least follow your own rules. Free to play is no garantee of success despite what you want to read into it. EVERY  F2P game i have ever seen is the same way. Yes its free to play, but hard to be top player or #1 pvper or whatever without access to cash shop items either through direct purchases and/or through extensive hours of play to earn game money/items to exchange for cash shop items.  Free to play is just saying you dont have to pay money to enter the game. Personally i LIKE the free game set up. When i played WOW i paid for many months that I had very little time to play. When playing a F2P game i can spend money in cash shop on days when i do have time to play and not spend any money on days or months when I dont have time. There are all different games out there for all different types of people i just dont understand the complaints about F2P games.. They are free to play.. you can play em for as long as you like without spending a dime and you cannot argue with that.

    Now before you start flaming... stop and think about it.. what EXACTLY does the statement "Free to Play" actually SAY? Can you play the game for free? As long as you like? Doesnt that make the statement !00% accurate?

    Those who say its not F2P are making an ASSUMPTION that you must be garanteed free to suceede and I just wonder where they get this insane idea.... after all, even WITH lots of money... there is NO garantee to suceede neither in games nor in life.



    I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but i'm not sure that you realize that what you thought you heard, is not what I meant.

  • grndzrogrndzro Reno, NVPosts: 1,120Member Uncommon

    Get over it, even free to play games need money.

    There is no such thing as a F2P game that will provide you with endless hours of entertainment. Just think of F2P as try b4 you buy and everything will be peachy.

    Personally I don't purchase games anymore. Only if I am in beta and enjoy it will I put up money on a box. I been burned too many times. Besides, if you like it what's wrong with supporting the developers?

    Get a Wal-Mart moneycard and put up some dough so the Devs can make a living.

  • SwankyBoySwankyBoy Posts: 233Member Uncommon

     No F2P MMO?

    What do you call Runes of Magic?

    You can make it to the lvl 50/50 character without paying a single dime.

    There are plenty of F2P games out there that you dont have pay a single penny on, its all up to the person whether they want their charcter to look "cooler" by buying a permanent mount or buying gold for their account.

    So dont say theres no such thing as a F2P MMO


  • MoldyCookiesMoldyCookies GammertingenPosts: 1Member

    Why does this topic exist? The topic creator just claimed it was not free before the Cash Mall was even released because of what happened to Voyage Century. They're not even the same publishers!


    Anyway, as for Florensia itself:


    I've played quite a lot of games and out of all these, I have never seen an Item Mall as fair as Florensia's. There are no items that you are forced to buy.

    The Cash Shop contains only:

    - Outfits with very minor bonuses such as HP +120 MP +60  (an average lv50 character has around 4000 HP).

    - Upgrading Items that increase your chance at success or prevent loss of items while upgrading

        Note: the second item, the one that prevents loss etc is also obtained through a low-level quest

    - fairly weak Exp pots compared to other games. No 400% Exp or the like.

    - Stat and Skill Resets

        Note: They are given out for free every time the skills are adjusted just the tiniest bit. Of course only for the classes concerned.

                    Still, you might get lucky and get one just when you needed one anyway.

    - Weird Stuff like Sex Change Potions, Class Change Potions etc.


    There are NO overpowered items in there. I can honestly say that it is completely up to you whether you want to pay for this game or not. I have a Lv71, a Lv66 and a Lv63 Character (on different servers even!) and I have not spent a penny. I know quite many other people who are Lv75+ that haven't either.

    To those who don't know: Lv79 is kind of the max. Level at the moment. There are ways to reach higher, but it is not intended by the normal Game Content.


    If I had to choose one of the many "free with Item Mall"- Games I have played before of which I think it deserves the word "free", it would be Florensia.

  • lionrwallionrwal Folsom, CAPosts: 42Member

    How do you expect them to get money? It's not like WoW where they get like $150 million per month. Unless they have another p2p game, they will go bankrupt. CASH SHOPS ARE PART OF ALL FREE GAMES!!!!! THEY'RE OPTIONAL, BUT SOME PEOPLE STILL USE IT. THEY'RE CONTRIBUTING TO NetTimeSoft, THEY'RE THE ONES THAT KEEP THE COMPANY ALIVE!

  • hooptyhoopty Dallas, TXPosts: 788Member
    Originally posted by Deleted User



    Then they shouldn't call it free to play games...

    Some people rob you at gun point..Others will rob you at "Ball Point Pen"

  • ScottgunScottgun Ladson, SCPosts: 528Member Uncommon

    Oh Heaven help us not this again. One more time: It is well established by now that MMORPG games advertised as Free-to-Play come with the caveat that there will be an item mall to purchase upgrades with real money. No one can seriously claim to have been fooled into thinking otherwise; especially considering that about ten seconds of searching the main page of a game bears this out. This is probably never going to change, so complaining about it is a waste of time. As is (I now realize) complaining about the complaining, so I'll shut up now. :) 

  • KordeshKordesh P, NJPosts: 1,715Member

    They really need to change the terminology from "free to play" to something else. Marketing guys got hooked on that shit, but all it does is lead to post after post of the same "OMG it's not free D8!" crap. "Donation based gameplay" might be a better term. Either way, you're still generally being goaded into throwing money at them instead of them just focusing on the game unless the company hosting it isn't a bunch of greedy tools (unlikely) Don't get me wrong, you can have a fair F2P, with mostly cosmetic items and such in the CS. People buy the shit out of that stuff and it doesn't unbalance the game. However, they still have the power down the line to toally rehaul the game and force the CS down your throat suddenly and pop up a bunch of balance destroying items. That kind of power in their hands is why F2P blows. 

    Bans a perma, but so are sigs in necro posts.

    EAT ME!

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