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MMO recommendation

Thanatos465Thanatos465 Boise, IDPosts: 17Member

 I dont care if its free or paid, although I wanna trial before I commit.

got tried of LOTRO, to easy to fast best MMO yet but its losing players and turning WoWish, I have yet to play a game that has topped it though, so I might me SOL on finding another worth playing(atleast until next year for SWKOR and FF14)


  • NethermancerNethermancer Toronto, ONPosts: 520Member

    You dont give much information about what kind of game you are looking for. But since you like LOTRO i am assuming you dont care much for pvp. And since you are worried about the population I am assuming you want a game with a strong one.


    To be honest LOTRO is probably your best bet lol. Other high population theme park games with a lot of pve are Aion, DDO, WoW, maybe AoC....i think the population is growing in that game but not sure. Other then that i dont know.

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  • PsythosPsythos Posts: 123Member Uncommon

    Darkfall is a great game if you like a fully open world. If you can get over the ui it is great. It is mor epvp/exploration than anything imo so go to you tube and watch recent vids of seiges and naval battles before making your final decision. It has more whiney people than ever on its forums right now so dont go there for anything unless you like watching grown men cry all day and night.

  • Thanatos465Thanatos465 Boise, IDPosts: 17Member

     nah, Im fine with both PvE and Pvp

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