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Anyone else thinking about the pre order?



  • MrDDTMrDDT North Port, FLPosts: 276Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Wizardry

    I might also add,no game is likely to ever be sold out again ,all developers offer some form of digital download,but if it is the box copy you desire and feel it will be limited,then i guess that might be a decent excuse.

    Unless the game limits how many they sell of the digital download or whats called a "Limited Release". Which Xsyon is doing just FYI.


    Either way, I say if you dont want to support it, and fear about the game. Dont preorder and wait.


  • BrifBrif Frederick, MDPosts: 529Member Uncommon

    At least wait a few more weeks before pre-ordering, they may release some videos.

  • Cochran1Cochran1 Eden, NCPosts: 456Member

    I took the gamble, the way I figure it if everyone took a wait and see approach, there'd be no player feedback to go on. Besides like I've said before, I've spent money on games that had tons of video and player feedback before only to be disappointed. So I don't really see how videos are gonna prove anything to me about how I will feel actually playing the game.

  • DocProjectDocProject Nowhere, TXPosts: 49Member
    Originally posted by Cochran1

    ...So I don't really see how videos are gonna prove anything to me about how I will feel actually playing the game.


    Isn't the more important aspect of a video for this game so that it will prove there is actually even a game and it's not a scam. Seeing if you think you would fit well with the game play seems secondary to that.

    Although even with a video it can still be a scam, it will just have to be a more intricate scam. Note: I'm not saying this game is a scam, I have no idea of course - as well as hope it isn't. I also think that people who pre-order based on a feature list and screenshots have extra much money to burn with zero evidence of a game except a "friend of the developers" forum mod's word.

    It's their money to gamble however. Hows the proverb go, "A fool and his money....?"

  • NethermancerNethermancer Toronto, ONPosts: 520Member

    I will not be pre-ordering the game.  I will stick with EVE as my sandbox game of choice for now. But i really do hope people pre-order and hopefully make this game a success as it sounds really cool.

    Playing: PO, EVE
    Waiting for: WoD
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    Any person who expresses rage and loathing for an MMO is preposterous. He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae.

  • SofiaSofia LinengradPosts: 20Member
    Originally posted by Maverz290

    Erm, yeah. I'm considering pre ordering, purely because the risk vs reward system of whether it pays off or not is quite intriguiging.
    Has anyone else taken the gamble? Anyone else brave enough to pre order without any (ANY) footage or example of gameplay?




    Not just no but hell NO!

    This to me is a ploy to get people to blindly preorder. If you ask me I would say no don't preorder. wait and see if the game really exist and what happens  with it.

    With how they are limiting thier player base to 500 in april and 5,000 over the summer. Again I say if this game really does exist. This is looking like Dark and Light all over again to me.

    If you don't remember what Dark and Light and what happend with it a few years ago Google it.

  • KabaalKabaal Posts: 3,041Member Uncommon

    Such small numbers are indeed suspicious. It would be oh so easy for them to fake 500 people playing, giving feedback etc and thus control the hype and videos released.

    Time will tell, but for now i won't touch it with a bargepole.

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