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In need of some help

jergoestocoljergoestocol Attleboro, MAPosts: 1Member

I play Metin2 everyday and still don't know where to get things. I need to get Piece of pearl, bear gaul+, and a few other things. Can someone tell me where to find these items. I have been told that copper ore has something to do with the pearl. Oh and one other thing. I have talked to characters in the game(Old woman and others) who have offered other quests. Is there a place where I can find out what all the available quests are and when they are available?

Anything would be helpful, I am sort of stuck and still have the very first mission,  "Piece of Pearl" not compleated and now the Blacksmith wants ten of them. I can't even find one.

Thank for any help.



  • DilaniaDilania LondonPosts: 3Member

     Every version of Metin2 has a forum and each forum is guaranteed to have a quest list somewhere.  Failing that, check out a wiki :)


    Happy Gaming :)

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