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unavailable email??? What?

bobus1stbobus1st Odessa, TXPosts: 5Member

Ok... So i want to register for this game...  I put in all the info and it says the name of my email address is unavailable?   my email NAME is unavailable?    you know   well my xxxxx is unavailable!!!   So I go to support and select direct contact... not FAQs.  And it says I have to login first!...  WHAT???  I can't register and I can't ask a question about registering because I have to login and you won't let me register to login!!!  WHAT?!?!?

Always a pleasure... If you know me you know what this means.



  • ValiumSummerValiumSummer Soldotna, AKPosts: 1,008Member

    Could you have created an account already with webzen using that email?   Try  recovering your account name or password using your email.   Perhaps you already registered.

    Just a thought.


    Good luck.

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