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DeregilDeregil schinnenPosts: 1Member
It might look not so hot but TRUST ME I have played it so much it is sad actually but I've played it so much because it is so good. Take my word and play it, it is really fun way to spend your time.

I play Wow, Dragon Raja, ArchLord and tetris!



  • geemanjrgeemanjr wharton, TXPosts: 94Member
    Ok ill take your advice and ill try it.

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  • DeramonDeramon Dawson Creek, BCPosts: 10Member

    Sure, Ill try it too. It can't be that bad.image


  • TheHelperTheHelper KnapstadPosts: 108Member

    Hehe i just test games so why not play... nothing can posably be worse then ye old stonage runescape

  • rolsonrolson orlando, FLPosts: 36Member
    The only thing that gy is when ur bove lv 20 theres no way u can rez unles u have priest so gay so i quit but the game was so cool that only lil thing why i wuit idk how pl lv in that game each time they keeping dying
  • Tmeyer1993Tmeyer1993 BarilochePosts: 9Member

    Lol ill defenetly give a try to this game xD my comp sucks for good game like Lineage II or any better lmao so i gotta stick to this ones...

  • ookillerookiller toronto, ONPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    lol you have to go to temple and type "for the name of orem of red rose and justice."  or  "eldweroi of cosmos and the great storm" you dont need to always look  for a priest lol.. this game gets fun at level 100 well thats where the game really begins but servers lol too many br hackers i think 90% of the hackers are Spanish/porkchop but if a good server ever came with no babbies who think every one stronger than then hacks and no real hackers then you sure dont want to miss the change to play this great pk game. you can check out my dragon raja videos here,,


  • magrinhowmagrinhow NiteroiPosts: 1Member

    well... its sad, but i have to agree to ookiller when he says there are lot of cheaters/hackers in Dragon Raja, and lot of then are BR (but not fair to say "all BR hacks", cuz i dont... and i know a lot of TW, CN that hacks and  also some USA, ARG, CAN, etc...)

    New Raja (Newb Raja) is like "free to hack"... that dumb staff (including ookiller) doesnt know anything about seccurity and how to be a hoster of that kind of game (once someone that is/was GM, as heyyou2 said, hacks..)

    Dragon Raja is a great game... the only problem are the players, and mainy, the admin staff

    I will not bitch about old things, but that corrupt stafff (guess what... including ookiller, who said my ppl only hacks) helps some players that pays... u can ask around their forum and will see the answer...

    anyway... it was fun to see him talking about hackers... everbody knows i dont say often, that someone hacks...


    KADOR, a retired old player...

  • ookillerookiller toronto, ONPosts: 14Member Uncommon
    Lol? hey arb ya ahole, if you do not know what you are talking about you shouldn’t say anything lol... you made me LMAO.

    This is what I was talking about when I said don’t play unless you find a server where there are no babies that think ever one who is better than them hacks.

    Corrupt GM? Huh show the proof ya mofo, cause the only thing that was strange was a bug in my characters status (resistance to magic and 4k extra HP) sure it’s weird that it happened to my character but what the hell if I wanted to no one would of known about it but it was a surprise to me how it happened, why else would I tell my everyone in my guild about it and then talk about in while leveling with other players lol you think I am that dumb? As soon as it happened I told Head Game masters about it and they took too long to fix it that’s all. BTW I had never have little to no experience with hacks so do every one a favour shut the hell up, even players who had hacked before taught me how to do it so that I could test and try to help block it, but I never got it to work (ingame hacking) so unless you have any bit of evidence of me hacking don’t run your fracking mouth son.

    Think for a min or two if i knew how to hack and wanted to hack why would i edit my hp and resist? i would edit my rares, tactic  ac etc, i have fraking 130 tactic before i quit took me hmm 2months i think with double exp pills which i bought with my own money beleave it or not and g3 g2 g1 g3 rares?  Any way im tried of this crap, think i wasted my time 88 and diu you la.    

    PS. I have never had access to the data base have never even seen it, my job was customer service and that’s all I did while working there.
  • bleyzwunbleyzwun West Orange, NJPosts: 1,087Member Uncommon

    dont forget wakokoko!

  • Doboy55Doboy55 dldldlPosts: 1Member

    I dont like this game

    Gameplay: 6.5/10  

    Graphics: 7.5/10

    No good places to train


  • tagfan36tagfan36 brighton, MIPosts: 11Member


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  • CorruptedCorrupted Lake Worth, FLPosts: 310Member

    lol speaking of corrupted staff


  • FaituFaitu BrasPosts: 90Member

    This game used to be REALLY good back then in mid 2003 (when it was 100% free), despite the chinese hackers. :P Those were good times, but it hasn't been polished since then, so most people will find it quite boring for today's standards.

  • popingaypopingay Orlando, FLPosts: 33Member

    I will give it a shot as well.

  • bboneheaddbboneheadd MeathPosts: 116Member
    Originally posted by TheHelper

    Hehe i just test games so why not play... nothing can posably be worse then ye old stonage runescape

    Curse you sir for mocking the grand creation of  runescape


    Can The OP give reasons why this game is good and I should play it ? :)

  • TearofsoulTearofsoul boston, MAPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    Is there anymore dragonraja server left beside dr-int ?

  • FeralizeFeralize AmsterdamPosts: 4Member

    There is a new official server opening, click the link in the game information of Dragon Raja above to see more about it, they say they are going to launch in the first months of 2010, but a beta might happen earlier. Check the forums i'd say, they are kept more up to date then these ones :)

  • Death1942Death1942 CanberraPosts: 2,587Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Corrupted

    lol speaking of corrupted staff


    badum tish

    MMO wish list:

    -Changeable worlds
    -Solid non level based game
    -Sharks with lasers attached to their heads

  • FeralizeFeralize AmsterdamPosts: 4Member

    Lol, especially since the user 'Corrupted' posted it xD

  • Montana-drMontana-dr VilalandPosts: 10Member

    Very good game. Best PVP.

  • ArachnoideusArachnoideus BaselPosts: 1Member

    I'm new here. Can anyone here can tell me where I can download the stuff? Have been looking for how to play this game.. Thanks

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