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Haven't we seen this before?

mattic65mattic65 Culloden, GAPosts: 191Member Uncommon



This game and Ether Saga Online are almost identical.



  • resinaptresinapt OlhPosts: 66Member

    What u actually mean is... ALL games from Perfect World Entertainment Look exactly the same)) Only some minor changes...

    But indeed ether saga and this looks the same lol, their idea of makin money is weird.

    This is ether saga without the pokemon feature hehe.

  • wildchyldwildchyld San Francisco Bay Area, CAPosts: 35Member

    So many games have the same interface. You can't really judge it by that alone.

  • AutumnalDuskAutumnalDusk Boston, MAPosts: 22Member
    Originally posted by mattic65


    This game and Ether Saga Online are almost identical.


    This game is Ether Saga, without the "Journey to the West" basis. A bit clever, (i.e. 'sarcastic') in the dialogue, but if you like Ether Saga, you'll be right at home with Kung Foo.

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