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Fallen Earth: Fallen Earth Review



  • XerithXerith Richardson, TXPosts: 970Member

    Very nice review and probably one of the most fair ones Ive read on this site so far.

    Ill admit I was pretty critical of FE during its beta phase and didnt really give it much of a shot before I passed judgment on it. However after a stream of updates, developer love and my own time playing the trial and meeting some great people, I quickly changed my mind. Cant wait to see where this game goes in the future.

  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel houston, TXPosts: 8,834Member Rare

     I think the review was more then fair.  There was a lot of in depth information which makes me feel he at least played the game whereas the first review seemed too general to be believable.  A very decent review.

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  • TilranTilran Phoenix, AZPosts: 42Member

    I too gave this game a shot during the free trial period.


    My initial knee-jerk reaction game is is unique and is doing things that havent been done lately.


    As the glamour and new car smell started to fade...I was able to get a better read on the game.  While it was fun, I have to admit I am not much of a crafter.  Crafting is a neccessary skill in Fallen Earth and if you as a gamer hates crafting or even dislike crafting...I would not recommend this game for you.  I would however recommend you try the trial and find out for yourself.

    As I said before, during the first 15ish hours of playtime I had a blast learning what does what and discovering skills and such...but after a becomes a crafting grind to increase your skill so you can get to the next thing to grind so you can increase your skill.  I think that is typically what "Crafters" LOVE about games and this game would be for them...unfortunatly those carrots dont work for players who enjoy more of the PvE/PvP aspects of the game.

    The quests were fine, but repetitive.

    I give credit to them for making a great game however....just not great for me.

  • Frostbite05Frostbite05 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 1,880Member
    Originally posted by cosy

    "open sandbox world"  lolwut ? u can have open world or a sandbox world
    FE cant be a sandbox is a theme park


    Well your lack of spelling and sentence composition shows. It isn't a theme park. There is no major enemy to defeat. After the tutorial your free to do whatever you like.

  • Frostbite05Frostbite05 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 1,880Member
    Originally posted by Player_420

    I enjoyed the part where the reviewer admitted he couldnt "get into the town based pvp conflict"...which starts at sector 2 which is level your admitting you really didnt get very far in the game?
    another joke review in my opinion from a guy who couldnt even experiance endgame content which I find very enjoyable 3 months in.


    You should be thankful the game just got a good review and a decent score. Most places don't give up anything above a 6.

  • brenthbrenth rock island, WAPosts: 289Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Player_420

    another joke review in my opinion from a guy who couldnt even experiance endgame content which I find very enjoyable 3 months in.


    endgame content consists of  zone 3 which is  has much less content that zone 2 or zone 1  and  consists almost completely of PVP    engame might as well be a brick wall.

    make a world, not a game, we dont want another game.

  • smutsmut West Grove, PAPosts: 250Member

    LOL at the couple of fanboys who got so offended.

    Didn't someone wonder why the reviewer didn't mention the quests? They must not have read the "pro's" because one of them specifically praised the great PvE quest text. Hopefully FE continues to get better. Thanks for the review.

  • AthabaAthaba WienPosts: 48Member

    I really wanted to try the game, as soon as my current games get boring. I have been following Fallen Earth pretty much since it was announced. There are some tiny reasons why I have not tried the game yet. For example everyone says it is not polished yet and so I'll stick to my current games for now. As I said I've been following the development of  FE pretty closely and I am a bit sad, because I thought it would become F2P. No, not because of dated graphics or something like that, but I think such sandbox games have a big profit from high player numbers. I mean that is why EVE has only a single server. On the other hand I understand it is harder for small and more independend companies to start out with such a concept. P2P games also tend to have a more mature community, which is a reason I would try the game. However in the last time I see a shift. Older players switch to F2P and younger ones play games with monthly fees. I also like the Entropia Universe concept because it was a very adult-friendly saytem. However there are also more young players there.


    Okay now what I intended to say in first place.

    Since I generally do not agree with MMORPG.coms reviews I'm afraid this game won't be something for me.

    And I have some questions:

    Is the community mature?

    Does real role play exist?

    Are there many players online?

  • ToxiliumToxilium Cambridge, ONPosts: 905Member

    I really enjoyed my time with FE. I unsubbed due entirely to real life time constraints and barely found myself playing. If I had more time, I'd definately resub. The crafting got me engaged, the first system to ever do that for me. It was also the only game to date that game me the Roland, Man With No Name, Gunslinger-esque feeling whenever I played.



  • parrotpholkparrotpholk Leland, NCPosts: 3,275Member

     Good and fair review. Agree with most of it actually and much more even handed than the first review.

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,962Member Epic
    Originally posted by Frostbite05

    Originally posted by Player_420

    I enjoyed the part where the reviewer admitted he couldnt "get into the town based pvp conflict"...which starts at sector 2 which is level your admitting you really didnt get very far in the game?
    another joke review in my opinion from a guy who couldnt even experiance endgame content which I find very enjoyable 3 months in.


    You should be thankful the game just got a good review and a decent score. Most places don't give up anything above a 6.

    Well, you are only partly correct

     Toss out the reviews by the "bozo" sites and the game fairs pretty well.

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  • JKnight1JKnight1 Hamilton, OHPosts: 72Member

    Good review, fair, balanced, and in line with my thoughts mostly. Though I disagree on the dated graphics bit, it looks pretty damn good compared to other more mainstream MMO's.

    Also, to the poster who complained about the colors of the apocalypse. There is a rather artistic and atmospheric reasoning for using muted tones in an apocalyptic setting. It gives a sense of foreboding and bleakness to it. If you were wandering a wasteland filled with bright green plants and rainbow colored flowers and such, the world seems happy, hopeful. This goes counter to the entire idea of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, which is the idea of loneliness, hopelessness, and despair.

    With muted grays, browns, and greens, it makes the world seem much more bleak and amplifies the idea of surviving alone in a vast, and tattered landscape. It contributes to the emotional and psychological effect the world should have on you, as you wander, explore, and "live" in it.

    The post-apocalyptic setting is by far my most favorite genre of Sci-fi. It best shows mankind's strengths, weaknesses, emotional response, and social reactions to a world that has drastically changed for the worse. The emotional and psychological impact of loneliness and fear, the display of our greatest strength "Adaptability" to our environment and surroundings, the social impact it has on society, it's breakdown into a lawless, fractured shell of it's former self, and the harrowing, and challenging idea of surviving in a world that no longer resembles what we once knew.

    Bright colors would ruin this, causing it to become something else entirely. Thus the reason for the muted colors.


    Edit: To add to my opinion on the colors and atmosphere of the post-apoc genre, this is not to say that all hope is lost. On the contrary, this setting also shows the best of what man can offer. People banding together to provide shelter, resources, and protection from those who prey on the weak.

    People working together in an attempt to provide services, technology, and resources to others in an attempt to rebuild society. Those with the skills and education applying their knowledge to the new world in the hope of bettering the lives of those left.

    Among many, many other examples. The post-apocalyptic genre, to me, shows the best and worst mankind has to offer that other genre's do not.

  • DaedrickDaedrick Saguenay, QCPosts: 168Member


    Do not review a game until you have reached maximum level and experienced at least 60% of the atainable content.


    Thats bad journalism like that that get normal players like us to buy a over rated game such as age of conan.


    Before: developers loved games and made money.

    Now: developers love money and make games.

  • MonTe_FysterMonTe_Fyster Elmira, NYPosts: 15Member

    Myself, I ahve been following fallen Earth since it's early conception and its first beta stages, so when I took the 10 day trial I had a little better grasp on what to expect from it, unlike a stone cold fallen earth Noob.  Right from the start, I find it not only beneficial to your quests and such, to fully read and understand te conversations you have  with the NPCs, but it also  gives you a real feel for the much dreaded situation the world is in.  The story line is very well written in that the conversations coming from the various NPCs help you to understand on what side of the fence they each stand on and their need for "hush..hush"

          yes I do agree that the graphics might be a tad out dated, but it seems to be quite fitting for the period the game is set in, after just a few minutes in the open terrain you soon forget how out dated they might be.  There is so much that I enjoy about the game, yet because of being cottled by previous MMORPG games in giving me a boat load of pointers,tags,flags, etc so I can't help; but  find where I am going, This game affords you the opportunity to freely explore while trying to find your way point , town or next NPC.   The game offers a world of information at your fingertips within easy reach, while still allowing you to hide it so you can enjoy a  relatively OPEN view screen.

      I haven't even progressed as far as I had hoped, which is another awesome point about this game.  As the review says, you are NOT forced to GRIND your butt off to get to a high level.  you can explore the world, your character, crafting abilities and such.  This game seems to be a very layed back game as to what you have the opportunity to do,  As for the Combat system, once again, as soon as you get comfy with it, it seems to become 2nd nature.

      I have been totally satisfied with my limited exposure to the game thus far,. I highly recommend it to the veteran MMORPG fan who is looking for something NEW & something different from the looong line of "cookie Cutter" games.   It should satisfy you as well, as those just wanting to try and get exposed MMORPG games for the 1st time. 



  • AlienShirtAlienShirt Crashed Flying SaucerPosts: 621Member Uncommon

    I am glad to see FE  having at least some success post-launch. I took part in the early testing of FE but  could never get into it despite wanting too. There was just something about the overall "feel" of the game I didn't like.

  • Einherjar_LCEinherjar_LC MelfiPosts: 1,055Member Uncommon

    Spot on review IMO.


    Fair and honest.


    Well done MMORPG.

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  • UnSubUnSub PerthPosts: 252Member

    My experience was that FE starts out strong - the crafting is interesting and varied, scavenging is kinda fun,  it's a different kind of world - but that it wears off. Long travel times aren't fun, combat animations are weak (especially melee when you are trying to work out if you hit the target or not) and being able to easily gimp your character shouldn't be a design feature.

    FE is for a certain kind of player and I'm not it. Of the players I've known who have started playing post-launch, very few hung on past their first month after the whole, 'I've got to craft HOW much more stuff?' or 'I'm doing this next bit why?' set in (or even 'I've gimped my character, haven't I?').

    As for the review: it really seems that went for the safe option and said, "the game is okay but it's got potential! Look at the potential!". I'm all for indie MMOs succeeding but I think FE is going to find it hard to keep growing its player base.

  • LonestryderLonestryder Tampa, FLPosts: 170Member Uncommon

    Given the inherent complexities involved with any MMO, I see the OP review as shallow and uninformative. I am subscribed to Fallen Earth and I play it for a short time most nights, but it does not scratch any kind of adventure or challenge itch for me. In fact, I usually enjoy it before bed like a cup of warm camomile tea.


    It takes more than a bunch of sand on the ground to designate a game as being a sand box. Although the surface looks apocolyptic enough, waiting just under that fake patina is a game driven by linear systems and devoid of risk or challenge - odd in any game perhaps, but it seems conspicously absent in a world that styles itself to be something dangerous and unforgiving. The game is largely, if not completely soloable and although I have multiple bars of abilities and self buffs, I rarely need to do more than hold down both mouse buttons while pointing the big aiming circle at the mob. The mob dies, I almost never do (except when lag-sliding head first down a steep decline while exlporing). Although quests are generally well written (kudos due here), they are predictable and yes, there is the little quest indicator over everyone's head for those who just don't have time for games.


    This is an MMO, and the review mentioned little if anything about the social aspect of it. And really, one would be remiss without mentioning that the game plays like a single player RPG. Having played since pre-release, I have "spoken" to only one person in the game and I have yet to group (no need, no desire). For a variety of reasons, this is the first game where I do not feel compelled to even consider joining a guild/clan.


    And yet I play...almost every night. It's good enough for that, to be sure, but I think the score of 7.5 is a bit generous when measured as an MMO. Whether the game has a bright future is anyone's guess. But with some type of fast travel and player cities promised sometime in the future, I'll say this: if you want an interesting single player post-apocolyptic experience, Fallen Earth will likely satisfy your need, but hurry, it probably won't be that way for long. And as we're all looking to stretch that dollar nowadays, Fallen Earth is a bargain at twice the price.


    Perhaps one of the game's most puzzling flaws, however, is its lack of identity. The dichotomy of character between the gritty desert in a post-apocolyptic landscape juxtaposed against an overforgiving game with little to no fear or challenge from its PVE makes for a schizophrenic experience that could cause many players to leave without ever knowing why.


    Lastly, I cannot leave without a positive comment regarding the development and design staff. Their committment to project and process methodology is readily apparent in both their interaction with the fans/media and the relative quality of their code releases.


    Fallen Earth is a good game; nothing more, nothing less.

  • GetViolatedGetViolated LA, CAPosts: 335Member

     i won't play this game cause of it's ugly graphics 

  • FibsdkFibsdk Buda, TXPosts: 1,112Member
    Originally posted by GetViolated

     i won't play this game cause of it's ugly graphics 


    Usually i would make some kind of witty response to this because i always believe gameplay takes precedence over graphics any day. This time I agree.


    I really want to play a post apocalyptic MMO, but if I'm to do that I need great visuals. I just can't immerse myself in a post apocalyptic future unless I feel I'm actually in one. Fallout 3 did a great job on the graphics that I were enabled to feel part of the world. After watching gameplay videos of Fallen Earth and screen shots I just can't see myself getting that feeling with this game.

    The gameplay may be stellar but as a post apocalyptic MMO I need visuals to go with it. The "Feel" you get being involved from an imaginary online world has to match up graphics wise otherwise it's just another game

  • afoaaafoaa AarhusPosts: 578Member Uncommon

    Fairly good review but there is one factual mistake.

    Your combat skills do not in any way determine hit or miss, that is entirely based on your manual aiming. What the skills do is they modify how much base damage you do.

    The game looks at the difference between the attack skill and the defense skill once an attack hits and that difference cause an increase or decrease in the base damage. First ten point give a +/- 1% per point, the next 20 give +/-1 per 2 points and so on until the cap of +/- 40%.

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  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare

    Such a shame this is not a game yet launched in Europe or I would have jumped on board. As for the graphics it is an apocalyptic world, do you really need to see rust and hand crafted hand me downs in that much detail?

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  • YamotaYamota LondonPosts: 6,593Member Uncommon

    A review without engaging in PvP which, supposedly, is one of the biggest features? Why didnt the reviewer spend some more time and actually do some PvP before writing a review?

  • DeienDeien Lynnwood, WAPosts: 121Member

    People who wont try and game cause it looks bad are just dumb and retarded. I will try any game out there no matter how bad it looks it matters how well it play's.

  • KexoKexo San Diego, CAPosts: 84Member
    Originally posted by Deien

    People who wont try and game cause it looks bad are just dumb and retarded. I will try any game out there no matter how bad it looks it matters how well it play's.


    I heard Free Realms and Toon Town plays very well. You might want to give them a try.

    Seriously though, to completely dismiss graphics as a factor is equally moronic. Because if it weren't for graphics then there's no reason to play any other game than UO.

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