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Returning player, few questions!

Findlen02Findlen02 Scituate, RIPosts: 7Member

I had a lvl 80 zerker on Unrest that was VP geared w/ mythical when i quit. WIll i be able to tank the new groupable content and hold agro still?  Is the game population healthy?  How are the new raids? If i were to reroll is there a healthy population of low lvl toons?




  • ozerinxozerinx Irvine, CAPosts: 200Member Uncommon

    from what i read i think the healthiest low lvl server is AB because a lot of new players/veteran make toons/alts there. As to tanking if your geared well you might be able to tank, but last i checked outside of raid everyone uses SK to tank since its so easy.

  • KnyttaKnytta Corning, NYPosts: 360Member Uncommon

    Unrest is still supposed to have a good population so keep your zerker there, Crushbone is good too AB has too much people on it. But if you are going to reroll check out several servers and do not forget LdL I have heard a lot of good things about that server. There are a lot of tanks on AB and especially SKs so I would not transfer your toon for that reason. There is a thing at the moment where groupds want a tank in t2 shard armor to do basically anything. No T2 shard is not needed for a lot of stuff but demanding it it is a very common thing on AB so unless you have t2 you will be passed over as a tank. But roll some toons on CB, LdL and AB and see what you like.

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