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Trying to get into it..

keolienkeolien watertown, TNPosts: 198Member

But keep running into problems once I get into the lvl 25ish range, Its like the starter zones are nicely done. But once I leave those areas all the other zones seem to be pretty dull to me, and the questing in those outside the starter zones also seems dull. Maybe Im just in the wrong place? I have checked out commonlands, butcherblock, thundering steeps. I have just been grinding the past 10 lvls on my fury because I cannot find a descent zone to quest in, please help. Looking for a good 20-30 and 30-35,35-40 zones

Another thing, why does my control+L never show the hotzone, every since I have started playing about two weeks ago I have never seen a hotzone listed in that welcome page thing. It always says <none>. Is there even hotzones in eq 2?





  • skeaserskeaser Wichita Falls, TXPosts: 3,901Member Uncommon

    Never had that problem. BBM is normally a good second zone with tons of quests.

    For the hot zone, it's been populating for me every time I log in, something might be busted on your end, not sure.

  • DbossmonDbossmon Sacramento, CAPosts: 10Member

    Some of the older zones have not been updates in a long time.


  • ozerinxozerinx Irvine, CAPosts: 200Member Uncommon

    not really sure what server you are at but, if you can get a group to FG, twice n clear all the contents you will be close to 28-30, then go to RoV if you don't want to quest. Neriak Forest is another place you can quest but be warned that zone is so dark and hard to navigate.

  • Nightbringe1Nightbringe1 Bluefield, WVPosts: 1,138Member Uncommon

    Butcherblock mountain has a very large quest arc, covers the entire zone.

    By the time you finish that arc, Nektulos Forest is interesting, and you might be able to touch on the beginnings of Steamfont Mountains.

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  • tryklontryklon PortoPosts: 1,370Member Uncommon

     In my case im getting out fine with quests. The biggest problem im encountering is low performance, even with a good computer. And some awckward gameplay, cant really explain, but the combat and movement just dont feel "polished".

    I think this game really needs some better animators, the mounts dont even change, even going up a slope they are always horizontal


  • keolienkeolien watertown, TNPosts: 198Member

    Thanks for the replys, I recently rolled dirge and enjoying him alot more then the fury. I found the eq 2 wiki site which was very helpful. It had zone timelines and such


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