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ome someone please help me!!

achellisachellis Saranac, NYPosts: 542Member

there is one questiong keeping me from playing this game and i have been trying to figure it out sense the first day they put news out about this game, i want to know if its all going to be instanced like GW? please someone give me an answer.



  • MushroomusMushroomus Las Angeles, CAPosts: 70Member

    best part of GW2




    GW1 was a very nice game i didnt "hate" the instancing but gw2 will be much more amazing

    definitley looking foward to it ^_^

  • achellisachellis Saranac, NYPosts: 542Member

    holy ^#*(&%*#%#&*%#% mole im to excited now AHHHH.


    GW was sick but the instances where the downfall of it and made it boring and very linear.



  • MushroomusMushroomus Las Angeles, CAPosts: 70Member

    gw1 was a greeat game but im 100% sure that GW2 will top every game ive ever player

  • achellisachellis Saranac, NYPosts: 542Member

    NCsoft puts out a good product.


  • KorgborgKorgborg waldorf, MDPosts: 116Member
    Originally posted by achellis

    NCsoft puts out a good product.


    GW1 did rock.

    GW2 will too!  :D

    If you cut it too short you can always nail a piece on the end.

    If you cut it too long then what the hell are you gonna do?

  • TlmaderTlmader Metairie, LAPosts: 5Member

    The world won't be instanced, but I believe certain missions/dungeons/(you get the point) will.

  • illyanaillyana quezon cityPosts: 614Member Uncommon

    i imagine the reversal of the current GW1 map:
    huge explorable areas will be persistent
    small mission/quest hubs will be instanced

    im hoping that there will be little to no loading times between explorable areas in GW2
    Instancing is a great tool for storytelling and narrative
    which is one of GW1's strong points
    so that the game can tell YOUR story
    as Caite has asked you in the trailer

    Have fun storming the castle! - Miracle Max

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