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So, whats the bad things about this game?



  • Frostbite05Frostbite05 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 1,880Member
    Originally posted by Ozreth

    Just play Vanguard. Smaller community but it offers everything eq2 does and then some. great graphics with no zoning whatsoever (not even dungeons), great classes, better quests, amazing crafting, diplomacy. Development is a little slow and raiding isnt as good as eq2 (yet) but if you want a solid pve experience vanguard is the king. If you want pvp neither are a good choice.


    there really is no yet with vanguard the game will most likely come offline in the next year if things keep going as they are.

  • delete5230delete5230 Posts: 3,654Member Rare
    Originally posted by LuckyR

    Originally posted by page

    Originally posted by Knytta

    Originally posted by page

    Their are a lot of starting cities, but most all are outdated, and ppl. should not start in them. ROK starting zone is best. SOE is not listening to the players or they would combine the maps to make sense.  SOE is being lazy because they add new expansions without re-integrating the maps.  Hell, you don't even get a game manual with the box, and PLAYERS have to rely HEAVILY ON THIRD PARTY WEB SITES, TO FIGURE OUT THE MOST BASIC QUESTIONS.
    Playing the game on and off for years, and now being able to hold hold my own as far a the grueling learning curve, I could see that the vets and devs. have EQ2 locked down from any changes that would allow new players to enjoy this game !
    I like EQ2, but it took years of perseverance to get to that point.

    Well you level so fast so it is not really important where you start. I still advice totally new  players to start on the Isle as that tutorial is still the best. The best starting equipment is on the Timorous Deep newbie zone with Darklight Woods a close second, the Tim Deep zone is marred by a horrible starting city (very hard to get around) but if you do the armor quests at level 20 you will be fine and can start wherever you like. The game at the moment is top heavy as most old MMOs but if you are 2-3 people that can group you can do almost all the content and will have a blast. The leveling in EQ2 is best done by a duo or trio.

    You get the manual in the software it is a PDF file in your EQ2 folder. It is Everquest still so it is supposed to have a learning curve, you are supposed to spend some time learning your class and your skills, wheter you like it or not is another thing.

    Learning the class and skills are the least of a new players problems,Zones, maps,travel bells, chat is the worst of any game, UI, is old, and the auction house is ridiculous.  I remember the first time I went to sell something on the auction, it would not take.  After asking in open chat with no help, I finally spammed someone telling me that you have to buy a bag at the auction, and put the item in first, took an hour to get that answer. THIS IS ONLY ONE OF HUNDREDS of stupid little stuff I'm talking about a learning curve. Sorry but your only trying to make the game sound intriguing with using the example of complicated classes and skill, thats not what I'm talking about.

    Remember for every 10 that starts EQ2 almost 10 quit shortly after. 


    It is NOT an AH it is a BROKER, this is EQ2 not WOW. And if you could read it tells you in simple english that you need a container to put your stuff in to sell. Did you even play the game? If some people are made dumb by a clone please do not come here and say it is the games fault. Yes as you can see I am an EQ2 player and althought it is not perfect it is a much better game than most of what is out there, and it is old!

    Your right it's a BROKER, Your right I have not played for a year. I have been bouncing around from mmo to mmo since, and we know its all junk.  But I'm coming back shortly, either this or WoW I'm not sure yet.


    In my opinion their are only a hand full of good ones for both dept, fun, and full games. In order :

    WoW, EQ2,Vanguard,Lotro,Eve and maybe EQ1 and Daoc thats prity much it.

    Don't get me wrong EQ2 is a nice and deep, fun game that I enjoy very much.........BUT ONLY AFTER YOU FIGURE OUT ALL ITS MANY QUARKS,,,,, it has a very bad learning curve.....Not hardcore quarks, but simple game play quirks.  Coupled with the fact that the many expansion packs are peaced in, making the game seem like a jig saw puzzle.

    I love EverQuest 2, but I feel sorry for anyone new.  VERY CLOSE TO NO ONE NEW EVER STAYS, and you know it !!!

    MY suggestion for SOE:  If their not gonna fix the problems, give everyone a nice thick fat game play manual for FREE... I'm talking about a big fat easy to read fat book,,,, not digital,,,, not make people rely on third party web sites.  And what's with downloading mods for maps and UI's....  that's SOE's responsibility. There pulling the same crap with EQ1 !!!

    EQ2 is a good game, but SOE are lazy bastards that don't look back,,,,,,,,only forward with payed expansions.

  • raystantzraystantz Final Fantasy XI Correspondent Arabi, GAPosts: 1,223Member Uncommon

     while we are on this discussion.. who here played Everquest Online Adventures for the PS2?

    I thought it was closer to the original EQ than EQ2 was... anyone else?


  • cl0vercl0ver denver, COPosts: 122Member

    A few things turned me off of eq2  coming from EQ 1.   

    I played a necro in eq1.   Quad kiting the hill giants in RM was a passion of mine.   Im talking original RM , before the frogs took over and they redid the entire zone structure.     Lets so, what could my necro do?   I could snare, root, fear.   I could kite or pet tank,   Giving enough balls, I could tap tank.    Havent heard tap tank sence eq 1 necro have you?   

    Cleric outa mana?  I just so happen to be a mana battery.  I specialize in sapping my life, turning into mana, and then giving it to you,.... while I leach the life from the mob to keep myself going.  Yep, I was an RTS game.   Like fucking supreme commander in my own head.

    Too much heat and mana aint gonna save it?  I can dish out some craptastic heals that will save the main tank in non raid environments.  Im no main hearer, mind you, but I got just enough.

    Who can forget snare  kiting the extra 2 adds in PoI?  Not me,  I was made for it.   Who says necros cant kite effectively in dungeans.

    Party wipe?  Too bad for you, I have feign death.   Yep, you can count on me to say screw you guys, fear off the last mob and the drop to my knees.  Its ok, I just ball sacked my friends all for a few rez stones.   Ill get the cleric back.   U died in a bad spot?  I can summon your corpse and then rez you.  But if your weren't a cleric. Im not rezzing you.  In order for me to rez you, I have to kill a friend of mine that is above level 50.  Yes they get exp penalty.  Yes they lose levels.

    Then I played necro in eq2.  Dont think snares were much use.  I dont think root even matters in that game.   I never found the alternate advancement to be of any use whatsoever either.  I did not get to max in eq2 so I dunno.   Eq2 was a let down, sorta sad.

  • CoderCoder KarlstadPosts: 63Member Uncommon

    The list I made was in reply to the topic, bad things...

    I've played EQ2 since they opened the servers and the only reason being that I havn't found a better MMO yet. Not saying EQ2 is the best there can be, but for now it's the best I've found so far. I personally think it has to do with the SoE business model, do just enough and nothing more.

    EQ2 has alot of potential but SoE is too cheap to realize it. I used to play SWG aswell in the glory days and SoE had the same strategy there, do just enough, until someone did too much.

    For example, in WoW the world actually looks like it fits more together in way, in EQ2 it looks odd in many places, like the 'land' is randomly generated by a computer instead of things being placed with some kind of thought; trees, rocks and such. There are many good things in EQ2 too, but that is for another topic.

    So 'broken quests', with 5-6000 quests the chance to find the few broken quests is not easy, but they are there. They have fixed many of them recently. But instead introduced more 'broken' gear, or how about an item that by itself accumulates to 20-25% of your total healing or another that will increase your dps by 10-15% from a mob you can kill with one friend easily.

    Players have been asking for new gear models for years and it's been answered; can't be done -> we are working on a skeletal revamp -> we can't do a skeletal revamp -> 'I don't know what the latest answer to this is now'.

    Animations havn't been updated noticably since launch and most emotes look horrible; try /dance when you are on a mount for example, or you can just /dance which should be renamed to /ivegotantsinmypants.

    Something that's been a problem for a long time is Z-axis stuff, but have gotten better recently, still not 100% fixed. For example stairs give pets/mobs lots of problems still. They can almost never run straight up or down a set of stairs, which can be used to kite ;)


  • ozerinxozerinx Irvine, CAPosts: 200Member Uncommon

    Most of the bad things people have mention in this thread are just people trying to be picky about a game since your asking for the bad things. Honestly the game is a good game, but they really need to fix the cpu usage and performance flaws that make the game not run as smooth as possible.

    2nd is the customization for all armor not just robes. Maybe even add in color customization like in EQ1 (dyes).

  • HexianaHexiana Highland Park, ILPosts: 4Member

    Originally posted by tro44_1

    I know most games have something bad, thats tagged to them. So Iall start from there and work my way up to the good things.

    Whats bad about this game?




    Other people's opinions :p

  • ethionethion Clearwater, FlPosts: 2,887Member Uncommon

    I think that the game is overall very good but if I were to pick a few things that could be improved I'll go down this list.

    1. The combat system is rather basic.  There are no chains, no buildups, no read decisions.  You basically hit abilities in a sequence to get the best build effect then you pretty much hit buttons as they become available.  I'd like to see combat like in vanguard where you have chains, responsive abilities, build ups, weaknesses.

    2. Performance in raids could be improved.  I can't run around in the game most of the time on pretty high settings but in a raid the game gets laggy and the spell effects become overwhelming.

    3. The game is heavily instanced including the world.  It makes the world pretty unbelievable.  You basically take bells from zone to zone.


  • TrihfluTrihflu Portland, ORPosts: 97Member

     I've heard if you're content with your MMO, stay with it because EQ 2 doesn't offer much more than LotRO, WoW or other similar games.  That's just what I heard, but you can do w/e you want

    This statement is false.

  • RadiickRadiick Ottawa, ONPosts: 94Member


    I have been a subscriber on and off since Launch Day and I recently re-subed as I was looking for something new yet old to pass the time as there was no other MMO out there that I really felt like playing.  Sometimes I wonder why I ever stopped playing this game?  Now I must admit that most of the Queynos main city areas are not very populated but I did head over quickly to some higher level zones and did find quite a numerous bunch of peeps running around.  Now nothing like it was way back then but still more populated then I had expected.


    But just for the fun of it, I open my chat bar to see the chat from level's1 - 9, 9-20 and low and behold there is constant back and forth chat between players.  I even used the Ranger chat line with some questions to refresh my memory and got more then 1 answer back on many different questions.  So I do believe the game is still alive and somewhat strong with it's core player base.


    On a side note my once Powerful Guild has seen no active log ins in a couple of months leaving me with huge access to a Level 58 Bank slots and more money than I can spend (yes I have access to it all).  Now no way in heck that I would ever abuse it or withdraw more then I need but I nice to know that it is there.

    All and all I just wanted to say, I am glad I re-subed as I can never understand why I did not invest more of my time with EQ2.  There are some bad things with every MMO, but if you are looking for the bad instead of the good, you may be limiting yourself.  I am just glad that EQ2 is still the game for me today as it was years ago!.

    Its worse to actually think about doing something then actually doing it!!!

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