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Which MMORPG is right for me? Help recommend me one

CyathCyath sfdPosts: 10Member

 Hi, like the topic says, I'm looking for an MMORPG to play. I'm not stranger to MMOs...started with WoW, got sick of it quickly, moved on to City of Heroes (which I enjoyed, but got bored of the endless combat with nothing to do) and finally played FF11 for about 8 months or so (great game, but a bit too party and time intensive) and right now I'm on the market for another one.

After my MMO experiences, I've decided to stop choosing games based on genre and looks but rather go for system and mechanics...when you play a game as long as an MMO, I believe those end up being the real deciding factors. After 3-4 years of play I've discovered that I...

1. Dont' mind grinding, but don't want TOO much of it. (no Wow please!)

2. Don't mind PvP, but vastly prefer PvE (guess I'm an Asian gamer at heart ^_^)

3. Prefer to play a popular game (more people!)

4. Like parties, (I'm a social guy) but HATE content that requires you to party up (I work at odd hours, so when I'm on, other people rarely are)

5. Am pretty hardcore and enjoy games where there is a lot to learn and do. I'm not really a casual gamer, once I like a game, I like it (part of the reason I grew tired of WoW quickly)

With all these factors in mind, right now I'm looking at either EvE Online (which seems that it might be good) or Aion Online. Any other suggestions would be welcome, though!



  • NizurNizur Austin, TXPosts: 1,417Member

    Well if you don't mind PvP but prefer PvE, then I would not suggest Aion. It might start out with PvE, but from what I've read the end-game is all PvP.

    EVE is a great game worth checking out for sure. With the new Dominion expansion coming out, it looks to be even better, at least looks-wise. It has some grind to it, but just about any MMO will.

    LotRO's a good game, but might be too WoW-like for you. And the end-game can get a bit grindy. Or it was before I left.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention you could check out Fallen Earth too. Lots of PvE with PvP zones. Great crafting. It's still a young game too, so it has some rough edges, but looks like it could become a real gem in a market full of crap.

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  • vladakovvladakov noneofurbusinessPosts: 710Member

     Totally go for LotRO, one of the more popular pve games, also has its fun share of pvp ^^.   in my opinion its not really much like Wow.


  • Goatgod76Goatgod76 Stow, OHPosts: 1,214Member
    Originally posted by vladakov

     Totally go for LotRO, one of the more popular pve games, also has its fun share of pvp ^^.   in my opinion its not really much like Wow.



  • CyathCyath sfdPosts: 10Member

     Hmm, I checked out some Lotro and I don't think it's really for me, as much as I said that lore and setting isn't a factor, I'm not a big fan of Middle Earth. :(

    Thanks for the heads up about Aion though! I won't be playing that if the endgame is PvP intensive. 

    I looked at Fallen Earth too, it looks interesting...

    Keep those suggestions coming!

  • dlarge122878dlarge122878 Honolulu, HIPosts: 13Member

    Have you looked at Warhammer?  Its a realm vs realm which is a little change of pace from other fantasy RPG's. 

  • CyathCyath sfdPosts: 10Member

     I have checked Warhammer out, but it seems like it is dying to me...what with the layoffs and all. 

  • QuirhidQuirhid TamperePosts: 6,230Member Uncommon

    LotRO, DDO or (gosh I can't believe I'm saying this) Vanguard.

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