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Final Fantasy XI: Review



  • NicksirenNicksiren Brockville, ONPosts: 37Member

    /sigh such an underrated game on this site :(

  • jayfly95jayfly95 Prince George, BCPosts: 35Member

    Sorry, read the review... and its rather off key an not entirely factual.

    This game should be reviewed again without someone racist towards the game, in whole or just partly.

    Dont use this review to decide not to play, look how long ago the review was even.

  • JamkullJamkull somewhere, ILPosts: 214Member

    this game was designed in the wake of EQ1, so it has a lot of EQ1 aspects.  Even the not so fun "level down" feature that if you die close to the bottom of your exp pool then you'll De-level. the xp loss at high levels is horrid if you die.  As said, if you don't bring 6+ people along with you that will play at the exact same times then trying to get a pickup group in this game is about 2 to 4 hour wait at level 40+.  Needless to say this game is very anti-casual. 

    this game lacks solo gameplay bad, the only 2 classes that seem to solo OK is redmage and beastmaster.  other than that it sucks.  But even if you do solo, the level grind in this game is just crazy bad, ala EQ1 style.  Grind until you are blue in the face, the only good thing is the down times aren't quite as bad as EQ1.  but they are still pretty close.

    Good review nonetheless...

  • blombablomba toronto, ONPosts: 5Member
    wait so blm/pup is not a good job setup?
  • blombablomba toronto, ONPosts: 5Member
    you're not gonna start crying are you ching chong?
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