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Official Forums Trashed!

soldynesoldyne Columbus, OHPosts: 7Member

has anyone been to the new offical site yet?  they got rid of the forums entirely.  no more forums.  they even deleted all the user accounts.  now, the only way to register an account on the offical forums is to buy the game!  I feel a little betrayed.  they could have warned us or something.

sure, most of the threads the last few weeks were all a bunch of "gimme beta key" threads (kind of like here...) but there were a lot of good discussion threads too that I was participating in and following.

I guess this site will have to serve as the proxy forum for Cities XL. this or gamefaqs.

MC really messed up by not including a public forum on their main site.  even a private forum with public view only access would have been better than nothing, at least then I could lurk.  I wont be able to buy the game for another month or two, so until then, I have nothing to do (I guess there is the demo, but, that is only for 7 days). what do you think?



  • NicoliNicoli Harrisburg, PAPosts: 1,312Member

    Wait till the NDA is over then you will understand

  • Michael_MCMichael_MC CitiesXL Developer ParisPosts: 14Member

    Hello Soldyne,


    Sorry for the delay of answer but d'ont worry: yes we have suspended our official forums (for several reasons) but that doesn't mean there is no way for you to discuss various subjects about the game. There are several websites on which the community managers are particularly active and I myself happen to also be a member of so you don't have to go too far I think to get some answers to your questions ;-)

    See you soon!

  • BountytakerBountytaker Randolph, MAPosts: 323Member
    Originally posted by Nicoli

    Wait till the NDA is over then you will understand



    Its another example in the all too familiar story line of recent mmo's:

    Main forums with a thriving, passionate community is shut down, unexpectedly....timed to coincide with a major announcement about the final product.

     Players are directed into fansite forums for possible contact with developers. 

    Largest fansite forum enacts heavy handed moderation, with particular focus on certain thread types, as members of the main site start to come over.

    Developer contact is minimal, at best.

    Many members of the "old" passionate, thriving community give up an leave.



    For those that have seen it before, in other mmo's, even with the NDA restricting informational flow, you can probably guess "why" this happened, and have a good idea where it might be headed...

  • TechleoTechleo Grants Pass, ORPosts: 1,984Member

      Correction, you can get a account without buying. Nuff said, I have one hehe.

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