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How is this an MMO?



  • KithcaKithca Virginia, VAPosts: 118Member

    All I can say is, if you like SimCity and would to play it online with other players in a persistent mode, this will possibly be up your alley.  Enjoying The Sims may possibly help as well.

    Shattered Crystal  time codes still has some Beta keys for the game available, I think.

  • Jester92Jester92 Lafayette, LAPosts: 156Member

    let me just end this convo really quick First of all the thread is How is it an MMO. MMO is Massive multiplayer online game pretty much anygame can be concidered an MMO that has online features with players who play against each other in a room in a large amount.  If you want to take it further and ask how is it an MMORPG?! Then its an mmoRPG because your playing the ROLE as mayor of a city.  You control ur city and make friends with neighboring city, conduct business that suits both of ur citys for the better and u grow ur city more. Very simple its Sim City gone online in massive amounts, whether the game will be successful idk but i dont really see my self playing this game because if its as complicated as simcity it will just frustrate me when my citizens are moving out of their appartments for no freaking reason :).

    J. B.

  • jonyakjonyak ottawa, ONPosts: 320Member

    This game is nothing like sim city, and there is almost nothing in this game that would make it a pay to play game.

    you will all be very dissapointed.

  • Michael_MCMichael_MC CitiesXL Developer ParisPosts: 14Member

    @Vhaln: I can confirm you that the planets in Cities XL are indeed persistent worlds.

    Cities XL has been developped as an MMO. We want to offer a new and exciting way to play city-building games! As any MMO game it's going to be improving over time. New buildings will be added as well as new features,etc.

    For those who have been playing the demo: as you may already know there are still core gameplay mechanics that you haven't been able to play (due to the demo limitations): Blueprints, competitions...

    Hope this answers some of your questions :)


  • leumasx7leumasx7 Orange Park, FLPosts: 218Member

    I do not know how much this will be per month. But i can ensure. its not sim city, and it can be in MMO.


    Reason, you can't keep your city running, and expand to a metro, without trading resources with other players for the ones you need. you can have more then city around the planet/world.


    Unless, you have lots of fuel. most likely you can survive trading extra fuel to the NPC trader for what you need.

    Also, unlike sim-city it constantly is going (Real Time) and there is no reloading. you mess up, Say good bye to that town, cause your remaking a brand new one.

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