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Dead Game



  • RodzillaRodzilla Posts: 158Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by infra172

    I've been right about everything until now.  I have a few predictions:
    A release date for the Chronicle will be announced for the summer or Christmas season.
    This release date will pass without the game being released.
    The game will be cancelled.
    Rapid Reality will be shut down.
    Nobody who preordered will get their money back.
    Former Rapid Reality employees will begin a new, more honest career by calling elderly people and telling them they've won a Canadian sweepstakes and the money will be delivered as soon as they pay the taxes.  Others will whore themselves on the streets of Atlanta.
    Lets see how many I get right.

      You pretty much nailed this one on the head way back then

    searching for the next DAoC....


  • funkymag77funkymag77 Rochester, NYPosts: 3Member
    CG is a fucking joke
  • TillerTiller Posts: 5,734Member Rare

    Not sure I remember this game, I remember the posters. What happened to Zorvan?

    SWG pre-cu vet, elder Jedi, elder BH -Bloodfin

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