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Police Vs Criminals

lotharrlotharr HelsinkiPosts: 981Member

PVC<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Police Vs Criminals

It would be MMORPG game where police tries to catch criminals

What bigger criminal, mucher police gets money

Criminals can get thier money by starting of a employee of a mofo (boss)

There would be much of Guns, Cars, Armors, Chicks, Polices, Criminals, Big Houses, Aeroplanes, Countries, Drugs and much more...


• You can do your own team

• Hire Thugs or Emplyees

• Get away from your starting country

• To <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Milano

• Then there is a wilderness where you can kill employees without polices bite your ass red

• You can be thorwn to Jail

• You can sell Drugs

And much more...


• You can put a price for someone head

• You can throw someone to jail

• You are frist at NPC police corp, but you can go to a Player Team

• You get free NYDP car

• You get free basic Polices wares at start (Glock and Kevlar)

• You can be invited to "Special Forces" (Raids) where the best Polices tries to kill, or catch the Mofo (boss) of some criminal team

• You can check the wanted table by pressing Tab, there you see whos wanted and whos not, whos worth of thowing to jail and whos not...

And much more…





• Glock


• Tek-9


• AK47


• Springfield




• Desert Eagle


• Desert Eagle, Krom




• MP5


• MPak3


• P90


• G3 SAS


• Government


• 44 Automag


• Keller


• Delta God Cup Custom


And much more…






• Kevlar (5 shot)


• Tactic Nylon (10 shot)


• Strike Systems Modularic Coat (15 shot)


• Modularic Pants (5 shot)


• Modularic Gloves (2 shot)


• SWAT Pants (10 shot)


• SWAT Coat (20 shot)


• Omega Tactical Vest (30 shot)


• Omega Tactical Shirt (30 shot)


• Omega Tactical Pants (15 shot)


• Omega Tactical Gloves (3 shot)


• JT elite Mask (30 shot)


• JT spectra Mask, Thermal (15 shot)


• JT proteus Mask, Thermal (5 shot)


And much more…






• Suit Coat


• Suit Pants


• Jeans


• Rap Jeans


• Bandana


• Du Rag


• Trucker Cap


• Cap


• White Stripe Suit Coat


• White Stripe Suit Coat


• Tight Jeans


• Spike Belt


• “Killer” Shirt


• Hitman gloves


• PIMP coat


• PIMP hat


• PIMP pants


• PIMP Bling Bling


• Cash Bling Bling


• Turkey


• Snake Cane


And much more…





• Permanent Death


• Not basic leveling system

(You get money from something you do you can always exchange it to levelling points



• For frist level at anything you need 5000lp

• For second level at anything you need 20,000lp

• For third level at anything you need 50,000lp

• For fourth level at anything you need 100,000lp

• For fifth level at anything you need 1,000,000lp


• You need only the frist to use something or to do something

• The other levels are for Specializing to something


• You can own 10 kind of apraments

• Drug Plant

• Drug Farm

• Club

• Villa

• Home

• Team Hall

• Car Lot

• Emplyee Housing

• a Hall


• You don’t die easily

• Frist if you got only two shots without armor you fell down and be beyond the death and life

• it happens that you see all Black and White and hear all as humning

• At that point you have 1 minute to run, call police or call ambulance

• If you call ambulance or police they will get you to perfect healthness

• but after that you will go to jail, if you are criminal

• but if you got armor you don’t die that fast

• there is writed how much shots they can take after em

• look to armors section and you see  


• There will be good character customization


• You can customize your cars too

• Example Spinners and Hydro Pumps


• You can steal others apraments

• … And start there a fight


• There will be much rides to choose

• Viper

• Hummer

• Hummer H2

• Hummer H2 Limo Version

• Toyota Supra

• Limo

• Cadillac Escalade

• Cadillac De Ville

• Lamborghini Diablo

• Lada

• Opel Vectra

• Volkswagen Golf


And much more…


• The shooting system wouldn’t be basic

• When you click right button of your mouse there comes a Dot on screen

• …And your guy goes to shooting position

• then when you click the left button of your mouse he shoots

• you can shoot too like you only press the left button of your mouse but then the guy just shoots somewhere near the dots place


• You can put much kinds of furniture in your apprament


• and much more…






<Fill this with your own story from game this is role playing game so I bet you get much of memories from it>







Say if this will be good idea.



Im 17,94% nerd.

Just tested.


  • Gen0cideGen0cide Powell River, BCPosts: 24Member

    I'd say its a pretty good idea,might have to edit the systems a little bit for criminals and such..maybe include name changing and alias/id changes ::::40::

    Btw this sort of reminded me about Counter strike,with terrorist vs counter terrorists.But this seems way more involved then running around and shooting,it seems more like a life sim with two paths,with tons more forks from there on.(E.g you choose a cop but can join diffrent forces and such.)

    It all depends what side you stand on

    It all depends what side you stand on
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  • lotharrlotharr HelsinkiPosts: 981Member

    yes thats what we need Changing Names

    Then its easier to do drug deals... and more... image


    In Couter-Strike one round is about 4 min in this one round lasts forever


    Im 17,94% nerd.

    Just tested.

  • lotharrlotharr HelsinkiPosts: 981Member

    The Game is under Desgining now.

    Web site will come soon...

    And after that pictures of game there pretty soon too image


    Im 17,94% nerd.

    Just tested.

  • GreatnessGreatness -, OHPosts: 1,993Member Uncommon
    lotharr, how many mmorpgs are you making? Will you have enough money for servers and websites?

    message me if your making your own mmorpg(give some screenshots also)


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  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Myrtle Beach, SCPosts: 11,718Member Uncommon
    Sounds good but you know you shouldn't post your ideas on the internet, chances are they will be stolen, tech copied (FFX term image), or just copied. You will get no credit for any of them and they will make money off your idea. Keep that in mind next time buddy.

    -In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08-

  • lotharrlotharr HelsinkiPosts: 981Member

    That wasnt so good idea that someone would steal it...

    Or was it? image

    I will keep that in my mind... image


    Im 17,94% nerd.

    Just tested.

  • LordSithLordSith Montreal, QCPosts: 2Member

    I saw a company name Waterproofs Entertainment, in a trade show in canada that working on a game like that, they call it Notorious Criminal. I talk with Eric Bisson, i think that was his name, he show me the game design (about 250 pages) It was pretty cool with a bunch of profession, skill and the character creation was totaly insane.

    But i never saw them back maybe the gamers are not ready for this kind of game, or it's just the publisher that<re affraid of this kind of game...


    Just my two cent

    LordSith out...


  • TigerReiTigerRei Woodstock, GAPosts: 141Member

    Hate to say it, but this sounds a lot like All Points Bulletin, which is being made by the creator of Grand Theft Auto, and using the Unreal 3 engine, slated for 2007 release.

  • ~HayHay~~HayHay~ Nashville, TNPosts: 6Member

    That has got to be, by-far the best idea I have ever heard for a MMORPG. Keep up the good work! You'll probably see me playing it.

    Once again, keep up the good work.

  • frumbertfrumbert coffs harbour sandpitPosts: 190Member

    I find the idea of a "Cops and Robbers" MMO quite entertaining, though you might have problems with censors if you don't stylize the violent nature of the game properly. People can relate quite clearly to modern games with modern weapons. If you model the game on weaponry, vehicles and clothing of the modern era in an accurate way then allow things like the ability to kill "civilians" (NPC's) or add graphical violence elements such as high speed car chases through populated areas, then the do gooder brigade and consors will jump all over it and cite parallels to the real world which could be harmful to the concept.

    As far as the game side, I'd like to see more involvement on either the criminal investigation side (being quests and whatnot which involve detectivework) or organised crime (being quests involving many intricate steps to inveigle your plans). Take a wrong step and it could cost you the case or the job (or your life). All out battles could still occur between syndicates or precincts should a player have joined them, but they could also choose to pursue other careers such as:

    - Petty thuggery: your basic grunt, kingpin or standover man
    - Catburglary (robbing museums and the rich)
    - Mafioso: organised crime in a syndicate
    - Bad Cop: creating a nest egg

    - Cop: precinct based grunt defending local businesses and civilians
    - Internal Affairs: Weeding out the bad eggs
    - Detective / Crime Lab: detailed, investigative duties

    E.g. focus more on the general aspects of the good guys and bad guys, rather than specific details such as what precice weapons each 'side' should have.

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  • NajzeroNajzero Sherman, TXPosts: 26Member

    Look at my post on a Counter-Strike type MMORPG :) kinda the same type idea

  • NigelnycNigelnyc Newark, DEPosts: 13Member Uncommon

    What happpened to this ?::::06::

  • yourmom12192yourmom12192 no, CAPosts: 221Member

    Wow, that actually sounds like a pretty interesting game. Hell i would play it. and im pretty picky with my games. Hopefully well see it soon.


  • yourmom12192yourmom12192 no, CAPosts: 221Member

    Actually i really want to play it. Include me in the beta if it goes through.


  • ironoreironore Utah, UTPosts: 957Member Common

    Sounds interesting...ish.

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