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Honest Review - 1.5 Years of Experience

Galatea11Galatea11 Germantown, MDPosts: 8Member

 Yeah, call me a loser for playing this game for 1.5 years, more off than on though. Since I'm a student, I'm not a hardcore player. I've never tried any of the pay to play games, but based off other F2P games, Shaiya is one of the best F2P MMOs. That being said, it sadly does not make up for other flaws, of why I eventually quit.

Shaiya is the most STRUCTURED F2P game. It's hard to explain; there are a certain number of monsters especially suited for the needs of the targeted players, the maps are very organized, the spawn times are calculated, etc. It's rather hard to explain, but there's a sense of professional organization and thought involved in its creation.

Concept 8/10

You can choose to play Union of Fury or Alliance of Light. They have completely different maps, different races (but not classes), gear, etc. I personally prefer the lightie maps but fury dungeons. They are always at war with each other in the battlegrounds, and by winning altars you win bless for your entire side. There is no coherent storyline, no ultimate goal, but neither is it confusing nor tremendously addictive.

The trademark of Shaiya are its four levels: easy, normal, hard, and ultimate. Easy is to figure out what class you want to play, capped at 30. Hard is unlocked when you hit level 40 on normal (previously 50) and ultimate level 40 hard. In hard and ultimate mode, you get a boost of skill and stat points. However, they take 3-6x longer to level. And, in ultimate mode, if you die, you lose your character forever. This requires you to use resurrection runes, which are extremely costly. (Recently they have a rez item in the item mall, but it costs about $75). 

Graphics 9/10

Shaiya graphics are ah-some. You won't be able to find any graphics better for a F2P game. My high-level Oracle shoes looked like goth Barbie three-inch heels. The landscape is varied, your character looks great, and for guys who play female chars they get a panty peek every time you jump. My only complaint is that they didn't make use of the time cycle. Shaiya does have day and night, although you can't tell much of a difference, random blizzards and rainstorms, but that isn't involved in the gameplay at all, which is a disappointment. The snow is only there to look pretty, sometimes blinding.

PvE 7/10

Levels 1-20 are a blast. You only have to grind for quests, you get to explore the landscape, and you get to experience the partying option, which, in my opinion, is the best part of the game. My only complaint is that for the quests, it is sometimes ridiculously hard to find the monsters you are trying to kill. They might tell you "right outside of town," but if you're on the wrong side it can be extremely frustrating.

Levels 40-60 are a pain in the ass to level. Soloing is now impossible; parties gain exp 5x faster. Classes become more specialized. It gets down to repetitive grinding, and it's often very frustrating because it takes so long that a crucial member of the party often has to go (priests and mages are easy to replace, but guardians not so). In Episode 4, they've changed the leveling curve so it takes less long, which is a good thing. It's not so bad in normal mode, but it takes hard and ultimate mode 6x more exp needed to level. By this time, exp stones and charms are a must, and they're usually not cheap either.

PvP 9/10

PvP is generally pretty enjoyable, but there's just one flaw: you can't PvP in normal mode, forget about easy mode, so it means you have to wait until you unlock hard mode before you can enjoy PvP. Episode 4 has made "party sieging" possible of members of up to 30 (previously 7). However, PvP can become very empty in 20-30 and 40-60 during certain hours of the day, which makes it extremely dull.

Events/ Item Mall 4/10

Shaiya events make me want to doze. They're really very disappointing that few people care about. In Episode 4, some of this has changed, since events are now linked between servers, but there's hardly anything creative other than running to all the altars and killing GMs.

Like all F2P games, Shaiya entices you to rob you of your money. I know people who spend $120 a month on the game. I know someone else who spent $800 to get one item and kept failing: linked sonic boots. Sonics are lapis, with an OP Hammer, that has a 20% chance of linking. If you fail, you lose the boots as well. They're a necessity for any serious PvPer. The item mall is not optional, it's necessary. Otherwise, you're going to have to gold/lapis farm on a high level toon (55+) for some pretty long hours.

Overall 29/40

Shaiya is not a bad game. It's essentially fun, nothing ground-breaking, but there's a generally supportive community. The creators did a decent job. It's Aeria Games that messed it up.




  • mviratamvirata Philly, PAPosts: 55Member Uncommon

    Thank you for the honest review.  I'll give you honest my review of 1 hour of play.

    I jsut DLed today because I need something to play until Aion comes out.  After putzing around with many F2P mmo's (some were good, most were bad) I found this one nice because it has full wasd controls.  Surprisingly I could actually map my own keys, not very typical for F2P.  I also have strafe buttons, hallelujah! 

    It has a lineage 2 look to it (never played 1) and the graphics are pretty good.  I have a decent computer so I used my graphics card to force AA x8 and Anisotropic filtering x16 and the game looked 10 times better. 

    Controls are bit stiff, and the strafing isn't true strafing as I have to hit W as I do it to move diagonally.  Hitting A and D (i swapped my strafe and turn) moves very slow.  It isn't a deal breaker for control freaks, but it takes a little getting used to.  If your a click to move player (WHY!?) you can do that as well, but tbh clicking to move is only for those people who have no choice cuz they have 1 arm.    Oh, I also have the option to disable click to move, hallelujah again!

    They started a new server Gaia a few weeks back, so I chose that one.  No lag so far, newbie town is pretty packed in Gaiya.  Not promising that I am hanging around this game but I am impressed so far.  I also have no intention of playing a P2P mmo until Aion comes out so I may actually stick around for alot longer.  For those that pay for item mall stuff, I poked around it and I can see how you'll need money to get around the higher levels.  I plan on paying for a stat or skill redo (usually I do this once or twice in F2P) but nothing more than that.


    edit:  forgot to mention i can't map targeting buttons because they don't HAVE ANY.  A downer but disabling click to move doesn't cause any sudden control issues when you try to click a mob and miss.  

  • Galatea11Galatea11 Germantown, MDPosts: 8Member

     Welcome to Shaiya. xD

    Graphics can be adjusted for quality based on your lag and card. It actually does make a difference. I actually like the controls system, and I've taken it for granted when other MMOs don't have WASD controls. The Home key is very useful. 

    Actually, there is one target button: ~ Sometimes it's a little bugged, although it's supposed to give you the nearest enemy, whether that's a monster of PvPer.

    New server, eh? I'm not surprised it's called Gaia. I started playing when they only had one. Now they have four. *sniffs* Good ol' days.

    Stat and skill redos aren't really necessary. Read the guides, and you'll have no problems putting in the right stats and skills (check forums; it's very useful and organized). Or just ask any high-level player and they'll give you the right advice. Are you playing lightie or fury side? 

  • mviratamvirata Philly, PAPosts: 55Member Uncommon

    i went light side, i always do.  i wanted a human mage but i had to go elves since i had no choice.  thanks for the targeting tip, buggy or not im gonna try it.  i keep hitting the typical button i use for target and i sit there like a retard.  what is the home button for?  i don't recall what it does.

    so now that i put in a few more hours, it's definitely one of the better f2p games and i'm gonna stick with it.  the community gave me some good laughs already.  i made a couple of friends, lost every duel, and died about 20 times.  good times...


  • Galatea11Galatea11 Germantown, MDPosts: 8Member

     Lol, I never choose to duel others until I'm at a decent level to be useful for PvP. As a mage, that's not easy. I usually use ~ only in PvP when there are a ton of lighties around and I need a quick target (I played fury). Home turns you in the opposite direction--good for a quick run. Mage is the fastest class to level, and very suitable for NM. I would devote all stats to INT-no exceptions. As for the skills, avoid the PvP ones, concentrate on the different elements of attacks. You do know about that system, yes?

    The community is lovely. I've made plenty of friends as well, but make sure to take your time at picking a suitable guild. One of the frustrating things, like in every MMO, is that they don't always speak English. And some of them are blind. xP

  • mviratamvirata Philly, PAPosts: 55Member Uncommon

    I have screenies too! 


    Portal to get out of town.


    Umm that's an interesting ummm rock formation.

  • Galatea11Galatea11 Germantown, MDPosts: 8Member

     Lol at the last screenshot. Now you can understand why Shaiya is age 17+. Someone had admiration for some Greek goddesses or something...

  • ninja14625ninja14625 rochester, NYPosts: 1Member

    considering how long i have played this game i think its about time i put my imput in lol.  ive played to 51 nm, thne 51 hm, and now i sit at 55 um. so obviously ive played quite alot. now people complain about the item mall and real cash being a big problem. well thats not completely true. it is true that at higher lvls, items like exp stones and res runes are needed, but you dont have to buyt hem with real money.  for both factions (lights and darks) there is a capital city.  there players can set up shops and sell items to other players.  alot of people buy AP items ( the items in the item mall that require real money) for ingame gold. now of course these items will cost a large amount of gold. but at low lvls and easy mode and normal mode they arent needed. once you reach a decent lvl you can start farming for items that players buy.  you make money that way and then get the AP items you need. sure it can be slow but its really not to bad if you really set your mind to it. ive only bought items wit h really money once, and it was $20.  now i do have to admit that at higher lvls it does get boring sometimes. but with a few friends you have a blast.  for about 4 months ive been trying to find a new mmo for me to play and ive failed so far. nothing has even come close for me. i tried runes fo magic like many people told me to..... well i hated it. i HATED it. in fact its embarresing to me that i played it. to anyone who says runes of magic is better then shaiya..... that makes me want to smash my head into the ground. runes of magic was BY FAR THE WORST MMORPG I HAVE EVER PLAYED. and ive tried about 20


  • Galatea11Galatea11 Germantown, MDPosts: 8Member

     Lol, it's fun to blow off steam, neh?

    You have many good points, and it is true that the item mall isn't a big problem in the first levels and modes. However, once you reach UM, rez runes become a pain, and even though it is possible to not spend a cent while enjoying it, it's extremely time-consuming, also because you have to rely on a party on later levels (people have to be afk, leave abruptly, etc.) Even finding a party is difficult sometimes.

    And the part about farming once you reach a high level is also very true. That's precisely what I did, farming lvl 5s. The game can still be very enjoyable. The only problem is that Shaiya does not do well as a long-term investment. If you want to PvE, fine. You don't need any gear that's very difficult to get. My complaint is PvP. Linking sonics give me an absolute headache. It's impossible to do well in PvP with the best gear without spending money. So for anyone who just wants to waste a few hours, it's fun, but to seriously invest in the game in the long-term, you're forced to depend on real cash.

    Is Runes of Magic that bad? Wow... If you don't mind the horror type, I would recommend Requiem. I haven't played it myself, but I heard it was bloody fun. The reason I chose Atlantica over it was because you're forced to pay for an exp subscription ($6), or grind for very long hours. Atlantica is good, not great, but if you like strategy PvP, then it's for you.

  • rubivirubivi Palm Coast, FLPosts: 19Member

    I have played Shaiya for about a year.  I have chars on both Fury and Light but , mostly a light player.  My highest level char is 55hm fighter.  I love the game and I have found no other "Free to Play" that comes close to graphics, movement, attack and immersion.

    Challanges for me are moslty due to real finances.  Recently, with the introductuion of ep4, enchantments are a must in my opinion.  Lapising and enchanting can break your gear and your bank.  If you have the money to spend on the game you will do very well.  I have not created a Um char yet, and I recommend you don't unless you can support it with res runes.

     Yes, as with most games, alot of young folk :), however, us elderlies are enjoying gaming more and more.  I have friends on the game as old as 65.  I am 46 :) A new target market perhaps...


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon

     interesting i ll have a look never saw that game ty for info

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon

     if i wanted to play this game,where you suggest i play ,dont want to be alone lol

  • kinidokinido WisconsinPosts: 408Member Uncommon

     Hm; your reviews and pretty much posotive talk about the game sent me to the download page lol. As i myself am trying to find something to do until Aion OB next week.


    Whats the best server for a newbie lowbie to play on ? Gaia is the newest one im guessing? 

    PS - All mammals have nipples.

    Get over it already.


  • astrob0yastrob0y stockholmPosts: 702Member

    made me download and try this out as well :)

    I7@4ghz, 5970@ 1 ghz/5ghz, water cooled||Former setups Byggblogg||Byggblogg 2|| Msi Wind u100

  • Galatea11Galatea11 Germantown, MDPosts: 8Member
    Originally posted by drbaltazar

     if i wanted to play this game,where you suggest i play ,dont want to be alone lol

    I would personally choose a newer server, probably Gaia.

    Pros: shorter spawn time, established guilds, plenty of in-game help, easier to find a party, less inflation (items cost twice as much on the Lailah server than on Teos)

    Cons: emptier, harder to find party, empty PvP grounds in 40-60 (although you can choose to find in linked)

    And you are definitely not alone. Shaiya is a middle-sized community. Enjoy the game, and don't forget to post your experiences. xD

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