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Was on the fence- They pushed me off today



  • zaylinzaylin Olympia, WAPosts: 794Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by zachdude

    You do know that cryptic made COH right? So they were basically making COH 2.0 as some are saying. But the game is great to me, the end of beta event was insanely fun, the apocalypse PvP mode is insanely fun. Get this game regardless of what the trolls say, and the XP nerf was a test....
    And I would think everyone has at least tried the game by now.... it has been in open beta, and was open to all since a few days ago....


    honestly I had no issue with it being a semi CoH 2, but one other thing came to mind was the fact that IMO the Graphics for Powers in CoH are way better than  in CO. Example: Throw fire: a little puff of orange smoke and than a lilttle stream of orange glow,compared to CoH fire control where there are ACTUAL flames coming out. CoH is around 6years old and CO is new gen,ya figure the Power graphics would have at least been on par....

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