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i need help plz????????

gamboy23gamboy23 yankeetown, FLPosts: 1Member

aobut 4 or 5 months ago i stoped playing shaiya and jsut last week i redownloaded it onto my comptuer so i could start playing it again

and when i loged in my charecter wasent there enymore

he wasent in eny of the servers

can someone plz tell me y this is

and tell me if there is a way i can get him back

plz plz plz i realy need help



  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Alexandria, VAPosts: 864Member Common

    This could be anywhere from a hacked account to a game error. With that being said I suggest posting on Shaiya's official forums under Technical Problems. If you don't get any replies after a few days then contact their support HERE.

  • gamefreak18gamefreak18 ogden, UTPosts: 2Member

    that happen to me too =(

    i stop playing shaiya for a year and a half now, and i redownload it. my character was gone =(

    help please.. =( lol

  • mewod123mewod123 istanbul, NYPosts: 2Member

    i dont know why but i can help :)               go          and look down of home page  you will see ''conact us''  or something like that and say what happend     but maybe they cant change becouse they dont know what youre wearing or your money          create new

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