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StarQuest Online: The Good, the Bad and The Dark Side

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common StarQuest Online Correspondent Allen Richardson writes this list of the pros and cons of StarQuest Online.

The game has changed since my original review, I decided to review it again. This time, rather than give you long paragraphs describing the game in detail, I'm just going to tell you what I did and didn't like about it.

What I liked about StarQuest Online
Open PvP/PvE
The only places safe from PvP are on the starting core worlds. These are the areas where new people first enter StarQuest, and where you immortrax if killed. PvE is possible to some extent in core worlds, it allows the new player to get a sense of how the combat works, before actually trying to fight something that might turn out to be a player who is much more experienced. Things like cows, butterflies, dinosaurs, the occasional demon cow with spikes, are there to try your hand at before venturing out into the "real" world.

Read The Good, the Bad and The Dark Side

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • purewitzpurewitz Casselberry, FLPosts: 489Member Uncommon

    It looks like a crude version of Star Wars Galaxies and no I had never heard of this game before this article. One think I gotta say about is(Just like SWG), it has ground and space combat. I hate it will all you are in a game is just the ship. Variety is always a good thing. The only games that will have this idea in the future (That I know of.) is Star Trek Online, possibly Star Wars: The Old Republic, and maybe Stargate Worlds. Hope SWTOR has space, cause that's the one upcoming sci-fi game I wanna play. 

    When we get back from where we are going, we will return to where we were. I know people there!

  • purewitzpurewitz Casselberry, FLPosts: 489Member Uncommon

    I just tried this game out. I'll give them an A for effort, but that is all. The graphic are dated, but I could learn to deal with it. My biggest issues with the game is the isometric camera angle and the point-n-click character movement. Both are very clumsy and cumbersome to say the least. Plus there was no full screen mode, but just like the graphics. I could have gotten used to it. Overall very poor experience all together. I applauded the devs on the space and ground combat and the vastness of the game. Overall this game gets a D minus, almost a F though.

    When we get back from where we are going, we will return to where we were. I know people there!

  • kishekishe aitooPosts: 1,976Member Uncommon

    The community consists of politicians and drama-queens (just check their forums for all the I quit messages and awful infighting) and patches come one per two months and it usually consists of one tweak and one item renamed...beta bugs still exist.



  • MiexonMiexon Vendetta Online Correspondent Wareham, MAPosts: 181Member

    I really enjoyed reading this article. Have always been curious about this game.

    Member of the Phoenix Alliance Guild
    in Vendetta Online

  • TexSciFiChicTexSciFiChic Austin, TXPosts: 14Member
    Originally posted by kishe

    The community consists of politicians and drama-queens (just check their forums for all the I quit messages and awful infighting) and patches come one per two months and it usually consists of one tweak and one item renamed...beta bugs still exist.


    Just from the pictures in this article that statement is complete baloney, and there have been two patches in the last three weeks

  • falc0nfalc0n Lubbock, TXPosts: 384Member Uncommon

     I agree with purwitz  entirely. I downloaded and installed the game thinking it would fill the ovid left by swg. (assuming what the reviewer said was true ) but what I found was a space version of runescape. in short I just wasted 2 hours of my life.


  • VogonVogon Laurens, IAPosts: 2Member

    I played StarQuest last year, and I'm back playing again. There have been many improvements from the last time I played.

    You can customixe the controls, and change the camera angle or play in first person if you want. The garphics are dated, but the game is not about graphics.

    All I can say is try it for at least a week, and you'll change your mind. Besides, the trial account is for 30 days, and there are no account restriction. you get a full account for 30 days, to form an honest opinoin of the game. If you only played for 2 huors, you have no idea of the potential of this game.

  • BrenelaelBrenelael MainePosts: 3,797Member Uncommon

    I've tried to play this game several times and ended up quitting every time I've played. I love the concepts behind the game but those alone don't make for an enjoyable experience. I've played games with much worse graphics that I enjoyed thoroughly so the graphics were not an issue with me. What did the game in for me every time was the absolutely horrendous control scheme. I felt like I was in a constant battle with the game itself just to do the simplest things. Simply remapping the controls through the interface is not enough... They need to rework the entire control scheme. I would love to like this game as it seems to have great potential but I simply can't play a game with such crappy controls and find it enjoyable.




  • AlloughNAlloughN Venus, PAPosts: 168Member

    I didn't say anything about the camera since you can position it anywhere you want if you turn on all the controls for it. With recent updates I think the camera in this game has more "placability" than just about any MMO I've played. -Stuff like your view getting cut off because of no camera clipping is bad though :(

    I'm one of those weird PvP'ers, I play a game for 1-3 months before moving on. SQO held me for almost 2 years. Try it for a week or so, and get on a Fleet ship for at least a couple days before you through out the entire contents of the tub.

  • AngitheriasAngitherias Prince Albert, SKPosts: 26Member

    Ya play for more than a couple of hours, make a fleet character for the training by real people, post  your name of forums so poeple know you exist (space is vast, really vast, there are people that don';t troll forums), make a civ character too for fleet downtimes.

    There are poeple from north and south america that play, europe, australia, so if you fit in a certain time zone, yoiu'll probably be able to play with someone that can show you the ropes.


    Personally, ive had my ship i served under blown up under me, been in pvp and pve battles, ive been kidnapped as a civilian, jailed, drugged, used a sword to end my own characters life, met some aliean races, its an awesome game, im hooked.

    Anything  you do has consequences.  This is not for the faint at heart.


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