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2 weeks free gametime for old subsciptions!

ValanceValance Beavercreek, OHMember Posts: 189

Just found this out today! And it must have just happened, as I tried logging onto the game a week ago to update my game files and it told me to activate my old account (I haven't played in about 9 months). I decided to resubscibe today, and was testing out my old password to see if I rememebered it right...and it logged me right into the game! 

I then went to check my account info online, and I have two free weeks of game time active on my account starting today. So I think if you try logging on, it gives you two free weeks starting from that exact moment.

I know they did this same thing last year, so this is very cool news. All old players, feel free to return for 2 free weeks! And I'm using my old toons and everything.


  • UruktosUruktos EskisehirMember Posts: 153

    I just checked my account,



    30 Days Non-Recurring

    (subscription plan expires 7/22/09)


    45 Days Non-Recurring

    (subscription plan expires 8/27/09)


    14 Day Non-Recurring


    30 Days Non-Recurring

    (subscription plan expires 7/31/09)


    MxO and VG didn't had any free time on them.

    EQ2 free for 14 days.. Tempting... Though I would have to download the whole thing again, which would take at least few days knowing how slow the SOE's servers are..

  • fozzie22fozzie22 skemMember Posts: 1,003

    I had my freetime a few weeks back when the LU went live i think

  • ArturslArtursl RigaMember Posts: 24

    Yup, just noticed 2 days ago myself. Just when I'm bored to tears, something to play for 14 days or so. Too bad that the lower level zones are all empty.

  • NadrilNadril Pittsburg, KSMember Posts: 1,276

    Just logged in mine and didn't notice any free time. Oh well.

  • VolgoreVolgore Member Posts: 3,340 Rare

    No free time here as well. I would really like to log in and roam around with my old chars a bit, but it's not worth to re-sub for a month since my server is dead.

  • BuzWeaverBuzWeaver Peachtree City, GAMember Posts: 976 Uncommon

    Interesting. I'll have to give it a try.

    Edit: No Free Time either, unless there was some cut off date.

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  • TsukieUTsukieU Nagahama, ShigaMember Posts: 559

    No free time here either, but strangely SWG is active with no cutoff date?



    Mne eto nado kak zuby v zadnitse.

  • I have no free time on eq2 either, but I do have planetside active for a month or so. I mailed soe and asked them about the eq2 gametime, and they did not know what I was talking about. Weird. 

  • Cypt1Cypt1 Melbourne, FLMember Posts: 284

    For once, in spite of my aversion to playing an SOE game, I was actually hoping this was true as I'm currently trying to recover from MMO "burnout" and need another game to play. But, as luck would have it, not one of my EQ2 accounts have been reactivated even though I haven't touched them in ages. Oh well; back to the drawing board.

    (You can call me "cheap" if you want, but I haven't been able to actually stick with a game for more than two weeks lately, so I'm loath to spend any money for the time being.)

  • Yeah im the same position as you Cypt1, it is actually annoying when soe gives out these free game time, oh no don't get me wrong giving free time to old accounts is a great idea, because there is many sitting on the fence, just waiting for a chance like this to get back. But when it is so random and only some people get it, I feel frustrated. In other news - my lotr account got free game time from 3aug I belive, too bad that is a game I'm not interested in. But since im so bored I might take a look anyway. 

  • braamerbraamer Gardner, KSMember Posts: 86 Uncommon

    I have free time on EQ, which I only tried out the demo, but nothing on EQ2 or Vanguard.

  • marinridermarinrider Tomball, TXMember Posts: 1,556 Uncommon

    I didn't get time.

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