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Thoughts so far...

DohnovahnDohnovahn Arlington, VAPosts: 25Member

   MY thoughts so far on ESO:

                    Graphics: The graphics are above average for a free MMO but i would expect no less from the creators of Perfect world International which if you like ether saga you should check it out.

                    Game Play: The game play is simple yet complicated, the combat is just like your typical Free to play MMObut the pet system is very in depth, kinda feel like an MMO + Pokemon which i am a fan of both, you can capture pets equip your pets and just have them fight along side of you + more

                    Music: Music is everything you would expect it to be, looping asian style music.

                    Story: The story isn't bad, its really the only way to get enjoyment out of the quests because people over react to      what you have done and you always give them a smart ass come back it love it.

                    Community: is a bit rough considering you can't should without the bell, but my suggestion to try and make friends wtih people around your lvl so you have people to talk to because the people are what make an MMO

       Overall its a good game for free to play so give it a shot!

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  • boss6100boss6100 spring, TXPosts: 1Member

    i agree with you alot about the gameplay the pet system is very large but easy to understand

  • astrob0yastrob0y stockholmPosts: 702Member

    It seems to be a really cute and funny game. I really laughed when one of the npc wacked his mount, a toad, in the head for going to slow.The game itself seems to be a standard mmo. Levels, crafting and a familiar UI. Nothing new under the sun in other words. But the world is bright with alot of colours that makes you feel happy. 

    Give it a shot and you wont regret that you download it (which took me about 20 minutes with the torrent technic that is one of download options the site gives you)

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  • lttexxanlttexxan levelland, TXPosts: 422Member Uncommon

    my thoughts so far...

    War bad...Peace good.

    World Peace FTW!

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    Now back to your regularly scheduled forum.

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  • astrob0yastrob0y stockholmPosts: 702Member

    No love for this game? To little +18 content? 


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  • prisca1224prisca1224 bronx, NYPosts: 4Member

    its not that bad. personally i like the graphics and the music is well picked too, it matches the surroundings you're in.

    i like the pet system where you can get any pet you want (high lvled or not). u can catch them yourself or buy them. preferably, i like the high lvled pets mostly because of their looks lol but most of them do have better stats if u get lucky and catch one with high stats.

    flying system overall rating is ok depends on what u have but for most ppl who do not have ether bucks, youll have to make do with your cloud. speed is so-so but you can speed it up with vigor which runs up pretii fast so might as well jus not use it. takes up mana where in which case, classes who r not conjurer and mystic will have to use a couple of mana pots if youre traveling quiet a distance.

    skill points or attributes kinda confusing to put. for example, youre a rogue, naturally, youd think you want to put youre main attributes in strength since you use a dagger and what not but unfortunately, strength really has not so much of a use in this game what so ever. its mainly int (if you dont hav this, u kinda have to proly start putting ur stats there now lol)

    quest system is ok too cept for the fact that when u get to a higher lvl, you have to kill like 60-70 monsters in 1 quest which i didnt really like, but thats just me. you can use the prosessor (object which helps u lvl up even if ur not on the comp) but if u do it manually it gets tiring lol xD

    instance/dungeons are quiet hard specially the higher lvl ones. you really need a good team (which if ur doing high lvled dungeons r kind of hard to find -.-) dungeons 1 & 2 (can find pt team mates easily n not so hard if you have a good pt with u) d3+ (will have a hard time looking for members to join u n hard if u dont have a good tank n atleast 2 mystics xD)

    cash shop system personally i dont like since its like if u buy an full outfit, itll cost abt 18 etherbucks which equals to $18 lol so basically, you can alreadi buy real clothes with that o.O and if you want to shout sumthing out that every1 in every realm will hear, youll have to buy a bell which cost like 10c a piece -.- other players do sell these stuff of course but itll cost you abt 55silver for a bell. ebucks r sold for like 4g for 1ebuck so if youre trying to buy an outfit, itll proly cost you 80+gold lol (hard to obtain if youre a low lvl)

    they have mini events that r run daily from a certain time, gives exp n items as a reward. big events, are run on a certain day n time n last abt 1hr, gives exp for every wave and items. so if you want exp that r easy to get, i suggest that you do these events when u can. it really helps a lot specially if ur a high lvl since u get few quest the higher u get -.-

    soo overall i give it a 7/10 rating...but really its all abt is good or not is in your opinion, i could like a game that u dont so youll jus have to try it out for ur own really n rate it urself :)


  • Shiva_ShadowShiva_Shadow Akron, OHPosts: 216Member

    Darn I come here to make a review for this game and some ppl make all my points for me ^^.

    But absolutely, this game is above par for f2p and the graphics are high end, I would almost compare it a console rpg anime style or not.  The cash shop is ABSOLUTELY ludicrious in its' prices, and extortion seems to be the name of the game for the gold market items.

    This game is a must try in my book, especially if you like pet systems, because Ether Saga has one of the best there.  The daily events are real nice additions as because in the early lvls they can add up to MASSIVE leaps forward.

    However unless you are running a pretty good system, or don't mind turning down the graphics by some measure, this game can be SUPER laggy especially during the big events.

    The one big complaint I had was the crafting and upgrade systems are supremely frustrating and super expensive, unless you have great massive piles of gold or real life money to burn, it will be hard to get the cool glowy objects with a full set of upgrades.

  • IsshouIsshou Kennewick, WAPosts: 3Member

    Some of the worst things about this cash shop is that the items that would make sense to be a account wide upgrade, aren't. So increasing your bag and storage space only goes for one player, buying the mystery pouch (which can only contain specific items) is for each character and not shared. So to get larger size inventory bag, storage, and mystery pouch takes that cost for each character, while those items may not be too expensive, you'd be looking at significant cash when you add it up for 3-4 characters. 3 ether bucks per 6 slots for inventory bag and mystery pouch, 2 ether bucks for 6 slots, 12 upgrades possible for each storage, 88 ether bucks per character to max out all item space. Per character! With the rate being $1 = 1 ether bucks... it's just not worth it. Granted you can buy ether bucks from the market but it's pretty outrageous cost in gold, which is designed to be harder to come by since selling items to NPC stores is pretty much worthless for gaining money. That's not to mention other things that are absurd in cost like the "wedding supplies" which two have to be bought for 30 ether bucks each.

    Bunch that up with not being able to directly transfer any items between characters in the same account it really makes it less appealing to play if you ever intend to pick up a multiple characters, with different crafting focuses, to be able to pool the crafting supplies you get from multiple characters. It also makes it harder to share a nice drop for a different class with your other characters. Unless, of course, PWI has changed on this policy you pretty much have to use either the mail (which is costly) or a friend (or dropping in an empty area) to broker the exchange.


    Other than that, I'd have to agree it's above average for a f2p/cash shop game.

  • xesolorxesolor JinanPosts: 7Member

    ESO's In-game economy suits Chinese players best as it's where ESO's originally developed. The player population on the Chinese servers are mostly university students or people who already have a full-time job (see as kids and teenagers are too preoccupied with hellish studies), so they can afford the cash shop items no sweat - buying something in the cash shop equals to a meal in a restaurant or a shopping session. So you see, Chinese players can afford to go with the game's economy ;)

    But once it came to the west, where more kids and teenagers play the game that full-time job adults, there's a problem, especially the money teenagers and kids spend on games are far more limited and restricted. But then, those developers didn't think of that, and still went as it is, so now there's a problem of cash shop items are like prizes from heaven ...... I mean, come on! A lightning cloud costs THAT much both from NPC and cash shop ??!

    Same goes with the amount of grinding - in China adults play games not for fun anymore, but regard it as some sort of work so to reach top level as soon as possible and show off to the rest to have a bit of fun. The way I play it I concentrate more on the graphics and the storyline - both are great in ESO, but far out-stripped by the amount of TOTAL GRINDING. Chinese players can afford bots or play endlessly for days, but I just can't - what is the fun in doing xx quests to collect yy items from zz mobs? Am I doing maths or playing a MMO?

    In the end it's the developer's fault not forseen the difference in western and eastern market and the different player population who play ESO. If they'd just admit fault and change the game to suit western players, I'd play it again.

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  • DiabloheadDiablohead BerkshirePosts: 29Member

     I been seeing ad's for this game for a while now and that it's a huge ad on the front page of this website I decided to give the game a go, so i'll come back and edit in my feelings for the game later in the week.


    It's the pet's that pull me into this game mostly, if it's a fun experiance and they are helpful i'll stick around for a while.

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