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My take on NeoSteam.

NarishmaNarishma Bemidji, MNPosts: 70Member Uncommon

Neosteam doesn't do anything overly spectacular that sets it apart from the million other free mmo's drifting around cyberspace right now.

Despite that, I've found my time in the game to be enjoyable.  Most everything about the game is pretty straight forward.  Get a quest, go kill 10 whatever or pick a few plants and return to the quest giver to receive experience, gold and/or loot.  Rinse and repeat.

I've never had as big a problem as some do with grinding.  I played the hell out of FFXI and Lineage 2, both known grinders, and had a great time doing it.  If you have a good group that you can be comfortable with grinding can sometimes be as fun an experience as questing.  Neosteam can be a grinder, just like those games.  I have yet to run out of quests, so to those that like questing, you can find some of that here too.

If you run the game at the highest graphical preset it looks ok.  I found that after changing the config file to force 1680x1050 resolution, and forcing 16x anisotropic filtering and 16xQ antialiasing the game starts to actually look pretty.  The view distance could use a bump, but other than that the graphics are cartoony yet fun, and the battle effects are satisfying. 

Like most free to play games, the sound seems to be one of the things that falls short.  Far too many of the sound effects are used over and over for different monsters.  Some of the music is great and some of it is just wack.  Any why do footstep sounds in these games always have to sound so tinny?  Some battle sounds are great, and some just fall flat, but you won't find anything totally awesome here.

This is a click to move game.  I'm not going to lie, half the time if I start a game and it is click to move, I simply uninstall the game and move on.  You can use the W key to move forward if you choose, but trying to control your character with both keyboard and mouse feels so wonky you'll soon give up and start clicking anyways.  I've experienced some pretty severe lag hits while playing the game.  Not too often, but bad enough that they could have caused death if it had been during battle.  Also, the pathing could use some work.  You might click the top of a stairway or something and your character will just stand there, or do something else entirely.  It gets a bit annoying, especially when trying to navigate narrow paths and sharp corners.

I haven't run into any gold farmers yet.  Of course, the game might simply have too low a population for farmers to move in, who knows.

The combat is fast paced and fun.  A lot of the abilities are fun to use and have a meaty feel to them.  The weapons and armor are great looking, and can be customized and upgraded.  You can take a level 21 Saber for example, upgrade it to +5 S2 and add a Steam Machine to it, which basically grants the user another special attack.  +5 is regular upgrades that add extra damage, and the S2 is just a separate upgrade path that does the same.  Upgraded weapons glow and look cool, if your into that kind of thing.  Personally, I love exaggerated weapons and power glow effects on said weapons.  The armor looks good as well, and each set varies enough from one another that you feel good about a new armor set when you get one.  I hate it when you work your ass off to get a new set of armor only to get a reskinned model of your old armor.  For example, the first set of Rogue armor looks somewhat like a ninja suit, with the lower half of the face covered, a cloth bag hanging from the belt, and a sheathed dagger strapped crosswise to the lower back.  Capes look good too, though I have only seen two models yet.

I haven't gotten into crafting too much, but it seems to be deeper than that of a lot of games out now, even some p2p games.

I'm having fun playing this game.  I'm not saying that I'll reach max level and continue playing beyond that, but it is fun right now.  I rarely ever play any mmo beyond a month.  I'm not super-hardcore.  I didn't reach level 40 in a day.  I play at a pace that I find fun, I party up occasionally and I joined an active guild.

Having said that... this game is not finished.  It needs a ton of work, and a lot of the content that is promised is not yet in the game.  The nature based realm, for example, isn't even available for play yet.  The translation, where it is complete, is some of the worst I've ever had the displeasure of trying to read through.  Granted, most of the time you don't have to read anything, you simply click through the dialog until you get a quest, go to the flag and do whatever.  However, I did run into a quest that was a lot more involved, and have yet to finish it because I have no idea what to do.  You can piece together what they are trying to say most of the time, but I don't even try.  Some of the quests are downright grisly as well.  For one, a man's wife died, and someone stole the body.  After recovering the body, you have to then recover her severed hand and return that as well.  I don't know if that was simply mistranslated or not, but it seemed a bit mature compared to the overall theme of the game.

So... I like it... for now.  You might not, but who knows?





  • denise2heartdenise2heart New Concord, KYPosts: 9Member

    Neosteam has a lots of potential for a F2P game. I just wish it won't end up like before. I think Atlus candle this game better than the previous one.

  • lordsesholordsesho SalvadorPosts: 1Member

    Point and click sux =X

  • BloodaxesBloodaxes ZabbarPosts: 3,609Member Rare

    I didn't find it bad but what i hated most was the movement animation and some rollbacks on rocky terrain.

  • SunborbSunborb Lawton, OKPosts: 2Member

    I really like the setting of Neosteam. I didn’t think the engine did a very good job keeping up with itself though, and the in game art is severely lacking over all of the other art they have on the game. The game play itself is old hat though. It’s the same thing we have been doing in MMO’s for years and years. They really had a chance to do something different, and instead they created a sub par and predictable game. Hopefully this game will improve in a few years.

  • hotstonezhotstonez Roswell, GAPosts: 2Member

    Tried it and it was a waste.  I liked the setting, but it took me nearly half a dozen attempts to play.  Animations are sub par, sounds are annoying, grind grind grind then grind some more.  Rubberbanding all the time, then springing, then getting stuck due to awful collision detection.  I spent 4 hrs looking for a widget - failed miserably and just ended up logging off and uninstalling.

    I really want a steampunk setting and I'm most disappointed.

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