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Did this suddenly get unpopular?

trancejeremytrancejeremy St. Louis, MOPosts: 1,222Member Uncommon

I could have sworn seeing a bunch of threads about this game in the general section/pub area.

But now that it has its own board, nothing?

I gotta say, it doesn't seem bad. But looks and feels like a 5 year old game (which I guess it is).

R.I.P. City of Heroes and my 17 characters there



  • uknortherneruknortherner ManchesterPosts: 16Member

    It certainly doesn't seem unpopular going off how crowded the MegaTen server is at the moment.

    For the time being I've stopped playing the game and scrapped my character (who I wasn't happy with anyway) until they get the lag issue sorted out. It was getting annoying charging up attack moves/trying to block only for the server not to register their use or my keypresses in the first place.

  • toastngravytoastngravy Wizard 101 Correspondent Boop., PAPosts: 80Member Uncommon

    This little section of the site was just recently put up.

    If you are epecting people to post here, have fun with that. Considering the mmorpg forums (game specific ) aren't used much anyway.


    Go on the official forums if you want threads to post stuff in.

  • BafucinBafucin SthlmPosts: 276Member

    When I'm ingame I see a lot of people.

  • cheelungseencheelungseen miami, FLPosts: 1Member

    If it seems unpopular it's because everyone is done with the missions. No one enjoys having to pointlessly grind for no reason aside from trying to fuse more monsters or taming higher level ones. If they put in more events, say maybe special rewards for completing instances with stopwatch (not the crapping yagiya crap) then it might be more interesting. As of right now though, once you're done with missions there's really not much left for you to do besides roll a new char to test out new builds or other types of playstyles.

  • cutiecheskacutiecheska Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 8Member

    This game is a grindfest OMG..... the only motivation on playing this game is the demon system and story quest. If your a patient person you can get through this one. I'm still playing though and still trying to figure it out.

  • denise2heartdenise2heart New Concord, KYPosts: 9Member

    I'm a big fan of persona so kinda feel at home at this game. The story of this game is the after math of the fisrt shin megami tensei game. Its really cool game except for the grindfest that is. japan rpg games are unique in someways compared to other mmorpg out there.

  • SmileyfellowSmileyfellow Radcliff, KYPosts: 3Member

    i think the reason y its gettin popular cuz for one i dont think it was advertised enough,2 people may be spreading the word to other gamers that they should try it out,or 3.... people jus need a new game to try :l..... but in my input i think its awesome because it has alot of things in this game that are not found in any other soooo i hope thats a reason why also shin megami games are hugggggeeee in japan only trailing a little behind anime boobs :)

  • darkb457darkb457 Edmonton, ABPosts: 47Member Common

    It's probaly the lag, alot of lag in there.

  • zeifertstczeifertstc Niagara, WIPosts: 5Member

    I don't know what has limited alot of this lag I keep on hearing about. I'm currently playing Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE off and on. I usually play on Channel 7 which is 6 whole channels away from the trade channel. It generally helps to cut lag issues when you only go to 1 to PUG a bunch of runs or to buy that really cute outfit you've had your eye on. Head back to 7 for all of your gameplay fun and/or training demonology expertise. *grimaces*

    Anyway, just a friendly *bump* post I guess.

    Pretty cool signature, yes?

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