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Returning from launch

shakermaker0shakermaker0 SheffieldPosts: 194Member Uncommon

Just had a few questions, haven't even thought about playing this game since I played it at launch around four years ago.


I just have the original game, is it worthwhile getting the two expansions just yet? Will I be missing much in terms of content and where everyone is? I went on earlier for a few minutes and it seemed as busy if not busier than I can remember at launch, at this is at 2am GMT.

Have I left it too late to get back into Guildwars? Ive heard about the sequel in the pipeline? Thoughts


Anything else good or bad you want to mention just post


  • avediasavedias dover plains, NYPosts: 118Member

    Just started playing again myself, pretty much same scenario as you, only I have Factions as well. As far as population goes, it seems really solid. I'd recommend getting Factions if you're interested in PVP. Might even be more worthwhile for you to get the triple pack. Comes with Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall I think. Think its 50 bucks or something. I wouldn't worry too much about the fact that GW2 is in the making. It's atleast a year off, who wants to think that far ahead? GW1 is fun now, so enjoy it.

  • Dynamo112Dynamo112 Gilmer, TXPosts: 240Member

    As far as PvP goes the game pretty much went down hill with every expansion release. I think this is because of the introduction of so many skills and classes and it made balancing a pain, and now we have very un balanced PvP (pvp is till fun though mind you). Also the pvxwiki website allowed people to post their builds up for bad players to use which is highly despised. (and rightfully so)

    The PvE content hasn't changed too much since release. Run missions and do quests. Though you might find it harder to group up with actual players as most people use heros (customizable henchmen).

    My advice would be to play a little longer and see if it'll keep your interest for awhile, if so then go ahead and grab the other campaigns.

  • grandpagamergrandpagamer Perrydice, IAPosts: 2,221Member

    I happened onto Prophicies dirt cheap at a Target store and have been playing a couple of weeks now and then. I have no idea what the game was like before but i see lots of players and while i have yet to join a guild there are several wanting members. I like it for times when i just want to explore a little and have some casual fun.

  • MajinashMajinash st louis, MOPosts: 1,320Member

    I say don't get expansions, try to play through the whole of the prophecies game, it'll be a bit hard to find groups for some of the missions, but those who you can find will be able to use heroes for the most part to flush out groups.


    If you need any expansion, get Nightfall.  Its got a very solid story, and gives access to heroes, which are a lot of fun.  I own all the expansions, and even though I don't play right now, I don't regret it.  If you enjoy prophecies, all the way to the end, odds are you'll find all of them fun and they are a pretty good value.

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  • mcgeemcgee Maui, HIPosts: 22Member still has the trilogy for $32.90.  That's where I got it and have been having a blast.  My monk is level 12 and I haven't even left post-Searing Ascalon (I think I hit level 10 in pre-Searing).

    I'm sure NCS will give at least 6-9 months notice before GW2 releases and there hasn't been any new info for a long time.  Plenty of time to run through all the GW content IMO.

  • shakermaker0shakermaker0 SheffieldPosts: 194Member Uncommon

    So are the add-on's like traditional expansion packs for MMO's or do they add a new starting point and character progression?

  • Lonesamurai1Lonesamurai1 cheltenhamPosts: 1,210Member

    Originally posted by shakermaker0
    So are the add-on's like traditional expansion packs for MMO's or do they add a new starting point and character progression?

    the ONLY expansion is Eye of the North

    Factions and Nightfall are both standalone campaigns that can be linked to Prophecies to add more content


  • mr138mr138 iowa city, IAPosts: 65Member

    You pretty much have to get all the games unless you don't mind missing out on certain skills, which would gimp your toon.

  • SeaelfSeaelf warrenton, VAPosts: 4Member

    Just get the pvp package, you will have access all skills and characters, and all the pvp !


  • GodliestGodliest StockholmPosts: 3,486Member

    Originally posted by mr138
    You pretty much have to get all the games unless you don't mind missing out on certain skills, which would gimp your toon.

    A "gimped toon" wouldn't really be that big a problem in the early PvE. It's only once you get to HM or start doing more serious PvP that access to all skills becomes a necessity. I'd say that it's better to be completely sure that you like the game before buying the expansions.



  • mcgeemcgee Maui, HIPosts: 22Member

    If you're under a really tight budget, and not sure you'll like the game, get the $20 single game.

    If you can spend $13 bucks extra, and think you may like to play at some point, get the $33 trilogy at

    Guess it depends how tough it is for you to earn/spend an extra $13.

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