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General: Top 10 Books That Should Be MMOs



  • suenteussuenteus Toronto, ONPosts: 4Member

    "The universe of Dune is set two thousand years from the present day..."

    Err, more like 20-25 thousand years, not 2... and as much as I love this IP I don't think an MMO could possibly do it justice.  How about something a little more cyberpunk like Neuromancer or Otherland?

  • VegettaVegetta Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 438Member

    UGH!!11 WOT AND ASOFAI are both horrible series (I cannot fathom why people like them so much)

    Of the list presented Starship Troopers would be be my first choice. But only if it stuck to the book and totally ignored the movies...

    My picks would include:

    Bas Lag From China Mieville (Perdidio Street Station, The Scar, Iron Council)

    The Hobart Floyt Alacrity FItzughh adventures by Brian Daley (Jinx on a Terran inheritance, Requiem for a ruler of worlds, Fall of the white ship avatar)

    The Many Colored Land Series by Julian May (perfect 3 faction pvp game setting)

    Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars Series


  • StraddenStradden Managing Editor Halifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common
    Originally posted by Scot

    Interesting read, my only complaint, the works of SK and 'fairy tales' are not a book. Those two were far too vague to be on the list.


    Out of morbid curiosity, did you actually read the article where I gave reasons for each of them? For Stephen King, I even suggested a specific series of his. So, actually not vague at all.

    Jon Wood
    Managing Editor

  • AliceKayeAliceKaye Marietta, GAPosts: 838Member Uncommon

    I dont know if it's already been said, 16 threads is a lot. However, George R. R. Martin's series, "A Song of Ice & Fire" would make a wonderful game in my opinion. :)

  • JYCowboyJYCowboy Northlake, TXPosts: 652Member Uncommon

    Harry Potter is being downed here because its viewed as "too kiddy".  You guys have no idea of how dark the series of books evolved to.  Further, what do you think all these students are graduating to?

    To an MMO company, Harry Potter is a big win if the author will release the licenses.  Ready made fan base, expansive world of fantasy potential, different classes based around a wizards expertise and mini games.  For marketing its ready made targeted at the casual tween demographic which is huge.

    "Why would I want to play Harry Potter?"  Because the world could be the same as the Dresden Files (Jim Butcher) in scope.  The first thought I had about the Dresdan Files is "Oh, so thats what Harry Potter could grow up to be."  Yes, Harry Potter and Harry Dresden are two different properties but the potental in them is still visable.

    My votes are for Sci-Fi based properties but if I was blind, I could see the great potential in Harry Potter from marketing stand point.  If you can excuss apathy for the development trends and market spin, would you have shares of stock in such a project?  I sure as hell would.

  • Micro_angelMicro_angel MadridPosts: 87Member

    Only agree with the Starship Troopers game.


    and no, god not a HP mmo!!

  • SXRchosen1SXRchosen1 A.M., FLPosts: 179Member

    Starship Troopers & Dune for sure.

    image <- if your bored at work :)

  • themiltonthemilton Denton, TXPosts: 353Member
    Originally posted by terrant

    Originally posted by lethys

    I originally put the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe,

     Narnia is tied up by Disney. We've seen what fantasic MMOs they've put out so far, right? 


    *sigh* If only it wasn't for Disney...

    I was going to suggest this, too. Really surprised there hasn't been much more discussion about it.

    But as I think about, races would be hard. Human would be easy: Narnian, Archenlander, or Calormen. But there wouldn't be much skill/appearance difference between Narnia and Archenland. And not much more between Narnian and Calormen. Would you have Talking Beast as a race? How would limit the animal choices? Maybe limit playable choices to humanoid (or part-human) characters? Humans, Dwarves, Centaurs, Minotaur, Marshwiggle, Nymph (not the movie version)? Maybe if you're Human or Dwarf, you could choose a good/evil alignment...

    What setting would you use? Pre-White Witch? The Golden Era (reign of the Pevensies)? Something later, maybe during The Last Battle?

    This getting harder...

    The less you expect, the more you'll be surprised. Hopefully, pleasantly so.

  • WyldsongWyldsong Houston, TXPosts: 271Member
    Originally posted by hades302

    Originally posted by clwoods

    I reiterate that The Dark Tower would be great.  A fantasy western mmo hybrid.


    I would agree, the setting of The Dark Tower would be a nice change from the current and future fantasy and sci-fi MMOs.


    I would add "Coldfire Trilogy" by C. S. Friedman, with the world as it is during the trilogy rather than what it becomes at the end of the series.



    Again, I  agree.  The Dark Tower would be an exceedingly welcome change from the crop of current fantasy based MMO's.

    And the Coldfire Trilogy is another one of my personal favorites.  It's a good combo of scifi and fantasy, I think the story would work in an MMO format.  Good suggestion methinks.

  • ElikalElikal ValhallaPosts: 7,912Member Uncommon

    Good riddance NO! None of them should EVER be made into a MMO. The reasons are way too various, and LOTRO shows well why books, however fascinating as book, dont automatically make a good and interesting MMO.

    I'd rather see a MMO based on Traveller pen & paper, or *maybe* The Belgariad world of David Eddings.

    People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert

  • t0nydt0nyd Evansville, INPosts: 255Member Uncommon



     For sci-fi

    Strength and Honor: A Novel of The U.S.S. Merrimack by R.M. Meluch

     For Fantasy

     The Cold fire trilogy by C. S. Friedman

        I would so love either of those...

  • YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member

    The only thing coming to my mind right now is Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

    Overall Lore scale of DF could become into a great mmorpg with some detective elements in quests even. The contrast between Chicago/Earth and Nevernever would make it into one of the most unique mmorpg of all times.

    I remember when I finished reading the "Summer Knight" (fourth book of DF book series) a year ago, I always imagined the "ending battle" working perfectly as massive player campaign in some mmorpg game.

    If I was the head of some game developer company and wanted to create a mmorpg from which a lot of profit could be brought, my first choice would be Dresden Files.


  • h00ligan182h00ligan182 Chicago, ILPosts: 77Member

    Heroes Die by Matt Stover. All time fav for me.

  • WyldsongWyldsong Houston, TXPosts: 271Member
    Originally posted by Elikal

    Good riddance NO! None of them should EVER be made into a MMO. The reasons are way too various, and LOTRO shows well why books, however fascinating as book, dont automatically make a good and interesting MMO.
    I'd rather see a MMO based on Traveller pen & paper, or *maybe* The Belgariad world of David Eddings.


    While I respect your opinion, I have to disagree.  LOTRO itself wasn't all that bad for what it was, not that it kept my attention for long, but than again, what game does?

    Anyhow, I think any of those books could be made into a worthy MMO in the right hands.  Just as an MMO based on Traveller could be done very well in the right hands, or end up being very uninteresting in the wrong hands.  In the end, it really depends on the creative team behind the game that will decide how interesting or uninteresting the gameplay actually is (as interesting as Traveller may be, in the wrong hands, it could be made into a very boring experience).  That doesn't just fall on the IP itself (while I do agree some IPs would lend themselves better to an MMO, the creative team and their design will ultimately make or break it).

  • wyrdewyrde lenoir, NCPosts: 54Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Nikopol

    Originally posted by mrw0lf

    Originally posted by Wizardling6

    Originally posted by mrw0lf

     My choice would be the culture novels by Iain M Banks, lots of lore but with so much scope and leaway.

    I like them, but they seem like they wouldn't have a cohesive enough set of ideas upon which to develop an MMO. I mean - the Culture is cool, but exactly which parts would be an MMO? It's just too undefined IMO (which works well for the books, but not an MMO).

    I understand what you're saying but I guess for me that was the main reason I chose it. I look at many of the other suggestions and while I can see them making good single player game or films imo they are just too restrictive. I always think when devs have just the very, very basics of an idea the better the mmo is.

    It would imo be more about instilling the attitude of being a gland using, ai dependant culture citizen pitting their way of life against societies (could also be player chars, there are some very nice examples in the books which I would love to play) that have very different views ideals etc.

    I guess its more about stealing bits from the books than actually recreating them. The thing about picking existing IP's is they require a certain adherence to canon and this can only restrict possible gameplay imo. I much prefer total freedom for mechanics with influences for design (skills/profession/back story, etc) and artwork (general look of chars and world).


    The Culture books are just great. Above all, they're great literature. And on top of that, they have a solid vision and manage being both passionate and sceptical about their utopia at the same time, which is something very few science fiction books have any more.

    Of course, by no means does this make them a good candidate for an MMO. However, their vivid imagination does. Come on, it's got great species, sentient machines that run the whole show behind the curtain, wonderful articificial worlds and plenty lore for designing them, all sorts of interesting games (hey, who wouldn't want to see their characters compete in Azad?)... They've got on-the-fly boosts in the form of glands! Sex changes that take a few months to complete - that's an MMO mechanic right there if I ever saw one!

    They've got exploration and first contact strategy in the form of Contact...

    They've got political muscle, a universe the history of which is fraught wars and still running system-wide grudges... Hey, they've got ships that name themselves, how cool is that? :) Here are some hilarious ship names from the books: So Much For Subtlety... Just Read The Instructions... Youthful Indiscretion... Size Isn't Everything... Who's Counting... Hand Me The Gun And Ask Me Again... Come on, you could even play a ship in this game and it would make sense!

    One major catch is, they're built on what Banks calls post-scarcity economy, so there's practically no ownership and no currency. But to me, that could be a relief - I'm tired of playing the economy in MMOs anyway.


    I also think that the Culture universe would make for a great MMO. The game's setting, in my opinion, shouldn't be within the Culture itself, but in the galaxy that surrounds the Culture. There's great opportunities for Contact and agents of Special Circumstances to be mixing it up with characters from hundreds of species, so many of which have their own unique abilities and political/social agendas. Plus there's so many strange worlds out there, with differing levels of techology (seen so well in Consider Phlebas (sp)).

    The Culture itself is post-scarcity, but the rest of the wide Galaxy isn't. That in itself could be turned into a fun to play mechanic, characters that are used to having whatever they need for however long they need it dumped into worlds where scraps of paper must be accumulated to actually purchase what they want... but then, that's probably a concept that would just mystify most gamers. :)

    One of the elements I love about Banks' series is that the AI Minds and Humans were social equals, just with very different specialties. The Minds didn't cater to the humans, the humans didn't cater to the Minds, they were partners (Usually with the Minds pulling the strings behind both Human and Drone motivations). With even some humans (Referrers) able to think just as well as a Mind, if not as often. :) Which reinforces the ability to play a Ship, Drone, Human, or any other race without a significant disadvantage... though the scope of conflict for each would vary. Which would create a variety of different fields of conflict for PvP, RvR, etc for those interested in such. Imagine a Swarm of 60,000 warships as a boss. :) (ie: what Sleeper said it wasn't!)

    The social dynamics in such a MMO would cover scopes rarely seen in games. The player of a General Service Unit (a starship capable of a population of several hundred million) would want to be interesting and unique enough to attract a population of Culture citizens to use the ship as their home base. General Contact Units (populations ranging from one to thousands) would have the same challenge on a smaller scale... On the opposite end of the spectrum, a number of players could group together to create a ship to live in that was a NPC, more like the guild house or base of most games.

    A Culture MMO could allow devs to not only think outside the box, but get away with it, in ways not seen in other games to date.

    Unfortunately, no matter how adaptable to an MMO game the Culture universe is, it is still a relative unknown compared to the Star Wars or Star Trek IPs. Those will be getting the investor money to make a difference in development hours and advertising that would make even a very well-designed and sandboxed Culture MMO delegated to obscurity.

    I'd still play it, though. :)

    For those interested in what the few of us are going on about,




    PS: While I think Starship Troopers would be the more recognizable IP for an MMO, John Steakley's Armor would be a better universe.

  • AirwrenAirwren Normal, ILPosts: 648Member Uncommon

    I would love to see some of the work of David Eddings turned into an MMO, specifically the Elenium and Tamuli series but I'm not sure it stands apart enough from some of the other fantasy type works out there.

    I'm totally off topic here but I'm still waiting for a Space Quest and G.I. Joe MMORPG.  I mean come on already....

  • RobsolfRobsolf Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 4,326Member Uncommon

    How's about the World of Judy Blume Online?  :P


    I'm surprised Narnia wasn't mentioned.  Maybe too obvious.

  • ZnarfZnarf TorinoPosts: 82Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by fudi84

    Discworld anyone?
    a Discworld mmorpg would be great!


  • EnigmaEnigma Lancaster, PAPosts: 12,184Member

    Edit the story; lots of grammar mistakes!

    People who have to create conspiracy and hate threads to further a cause lacks in intellectual comprehension of diversity.

  • PlutonicwoesPlutonicwoes Huntsville, ALPosts: 343Member Uncommon

    you know i'm honestly not sure if anyone else mentioned this already, but they ARE making a Wheel of Time mmo.....

    It's being published by Red Eagle Games.


  • madeuxmadeux SLC, UTPosts: 1,786Member

    The Night's Dawn Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton would be epic as an MMO...

    Amazing history, several races, great factions..

  • zimzimzimzim HareidPosts: 60Member

    1, H.P lowcraft, = // allrdy somwhat in the works. 

    and way the F, put hary pothead at number one,, the boks are funn, and the story as well, But its realy just a highscool Serie whit som magic in it, The world is simply way to small for a Good mmo, IMO. 


    agre on who ever sad Simon green, death stalker ...


    I WANT A SCI-FI MMO!! (NOT EVE, or Fom, or FE)

  • Yoottos'HorgYoottos'Horg Posts: 297Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Oyjord

    "Song of Fire and Ice" is the best fantasy literature since, well, for many decades.  I'd give my left nut to play an MMORPG in that universe.
    "Dune" I'd give my other nut to play.


    I would offer both of my nuts in a similar fashion to see those two IPs come to the MMO world. 


    Sidenote: If the IP "Wheel of Time" is in fact made into an MMO I would hope that the stories internal to the game would progress quicker than the ones in the book. Although I have read all the books, though truly only enjoyed the first four or so, the story was so vast, the characters so numerous and the plot SO SLOW that I simply lost interest in that world.

  • DekadmerDekadmer Bend, ORPosts: 1Member

    Don't know if anyone has suggested the Vampire Earth series by E.E. Knight but that whole series screams MMO.

  • Yoottos'HorgYoottos'Horg Posts: 297Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by montie1123

    I would love to see an MMO based on Jim Butchers Codex Alera.


    Yes, oh yes! If I had a third nut I would offer that one for this IP. Clesses, skills and races are already present in that game; it would make a smooth transition into the MMO genre.

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