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Warhammer Online: Skull Cartouche Contest

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

Mythic Entertainment has kicked off a unique contest with the community that encourages them to translate a cartouche to win a free, in-game item.

Get the details here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • streeastreea Dallas, TXPosts: 654Member Uncommon

    Man, I should've included "human skull" in my wedding registry...

  • VespersVespers St Louis Park, MNPosts: 246Member

    uhhh....Jon, there are eight symbols, not seven. Perhaps you meant seven different symbols(since the "eye in the triangle" appears twice) but there are eight overall characters.

    Sorry for being so anal about things like this. I forgot to take my meds today :)

  • amoed77amoed77 Baltimore, MDPosts: 1Member

    Sorry, new to this site, first post.


    But, there are actually 10 symbols here. I was trying to use the Tomb Kings book to decipher, but it's a no go. Apparently we need to wait until other "bones" are posted around the web for the key. The only thing i have found is that the first letter is suppoed to be a J while the 9th letter an N, though i can't match this to anything in the Tomb Kings or Liber Necrix books that I have, or anything on the web. Maybe the keys are mixed up as well?

  • crazer1crazer1 Miami, FLPosts: 14Member

    I agree, looks like 10 symbols to me. The first symbol is repeated right after the first triangle with the eye in it. The second symbol is a "J" and the second to last is an "N"

  • VespersVespers St Louis Park, MNPosts: 246Member

    The answer is suppose to be the name of a Land of the Dead royal.

    Also, seventh character is a "U"

  • mango99mango99 NORTH PORT, FLPosts: 25Member

    I have 4 symbols translated already...just need to wait for more clues now....


  • Ferrel_ThaneFerrel_Thane Augusta, GAPosts: 6Member

    Rosetta stones, so to speak, have been sent out to Warhammer Bloggers. I recieved one at Epic Slant. I know Tome of Knowledge also recieved one. The third I am aware of at this time went to Da'Toughest. There is also additional information on those three blogs.

    Epic Slant
    Putting the O back in Pwn

  • ClawzonClawzon PitePosts: 188Member Uncommon

    I thinks I know what it says:  Failhammer Oflline - Age of Flopping      ...      war is nowhere!


    And the item is....drum...drum.....drum.....drum....*bling*!!!!  A Paul Barnett pet!!!!    





  • ninjajucerninjajucer Philadelphia, PAPosts: 219Member

    The item is a pocket item that when used creates a swarm of scarabs at your feet. Interesting item as I'm always on the lookout for new gizmos and unlocks.

    That said, the LotD is an interesting concept, much like Darkness Falls, an entire area filled with many Public Quests, Lairs, unlocks, and hidden treasures. Not to mention that the entire area is open RvR including the PQs, Lairs and the main dungeon. So like DF from DAoC, the other realm can and will invade to spoil your fun, they can even kill your group on stage 2 of a PQ and continue from there.

    The items that you can upgrade and equip put a nice (and much needed) spin on the whole game. It definitely gives a bit more incentive to locking zones in T4, as on some servers, that is not such a priority.

    The fact that they are doing this type of viral game, shows some ingenuity in advertising and I think Mythic should be commended on this attempt.

    I don't have to remind anyone that the game is still under 1 year being released. Not all bugs and balance can be solved by a smaller population in beta or on test. It takes tons of morons and idiots to try the stupidest of things to find hidden exploits, bugs and ways to otherwise ruin the game for all.

  • acon17acon17 Cheektowaga, NYPosts: 1Member

    djhatumnd is the correct answer I have my scarab.


    d'oh finger slipped, sorry, yes it is djhadtumna, I was excited and in a hurry lol

  • farfignugenfarfignugen Mogadore, OHPosts: 4Member

    Above code is wrong; actual code is DJHADTUMNA.

    Screenshot attached, got my scarab!

    Scarab Amulet

  • BooksBooks Spring Hill, FLPosts: 80Member

     Damn that code got burned up FAST!


  • KingGrowlKingGrowl Collinsville, ILPosts: 237Member Uncommon

    Has anyone cracked any of the other sites codes?

    Hail to the King, baby.

  • AdendanAdendan KolmardenPosts: 2Member

    Cool contest .. too bad my account's on european servers.


    Mythic should definately get credit for this little game.

  • smutsmut West Grove, PAPosts: 250Member
    Originally posted by Clawzon

    I thinks I know what it says:  Failhammer Oflline - Age of Flopping      ...      war is nowhere!
    And the item is....drum...drum.....drum.....drum....*bling*!!!!  A Paul Barnett pet!!!!    


    I think I know what your post says: Troll

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