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New Class

ZeusDvZeusDv Warhammer Online CorrespondentNewcastle Upon TynePosts: 38Member

Intrigued as to what the new class will be. Anyone have any ideas?

Considering what the devs have said I don't believe it's Druid.


  • VoolinVoolin Burlingame, CAPosts: 7Member

    i've been trolling around on the forums, didn't they say something about monk? or is that a class already in the game.

  • madeuxmadeux SLC, UTPosts: 1,786Member

    Monk is already in the game.

  • Dr.RockDr.Rock SouthcoastPosts: 603Member

    I'm going to make a total guess at Artificer.

  • ZeusDvZeusDv Warhammer Online Correspondent Newcastle Upon TynePosts: 38Member

    I thought of Artificer too, it should be as this is Eberron after all.

    Warlock would be awesome, but not sure how they could implement it - they'd basically have to give you unlimited SP.

    However Eberron is also a good setting for a  Ninja, which I can see being a popular choice.

    Personally I'd like them to to prestige classes properly myself, rather than the enhancement based stuff at the moment.


  • reploidxreploidx Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 320Member Uncommon

    if they released Artificer, they better release a crafting system. Artificers in eberron are like factories. My friend is playing one in my eberron campaign i'm running and he makes a lot of minor magic items, but higher levels they can make elemental bound items (weapons, armor, airships) but i can also see them using their infusions to add buffs and enhancements onto the party's weapons and armor, as well as their own. (also, they can replace clerics since in the game, they can make wands of healing of any lvl)

  • ZeusDvZeusDv Warhammer Online Correspondent Newcastle Upon TynePosts: 38Member

    From reading the official forums it seems that somebody may have let the cat out the bag in a thread that has now been removed, but it looks as if Favoured Soul may be the class.

    If this is true, I just got a new main :D

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