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INTERVIEW with the Developers (Audio links)

SoulreaverrrSoulreaverrr n/a, KYMember Posts: 13

Weapons Free Episode 2

Interviewers: Adam (Sturm Kintaro) and Derek (Kellzz)

Developers: Brian and Patrick

QuickTIme required or Right click and save target as.





  • MechFan09MechFan09 albany, KYMember Posts: 7

    good stuff. if there going for the one world concept i'm onboard.

    small mech able to fight larger with tatics, wow almost sounds

  • MordacaiMordacai Atlanta, GAMember Posts: 309

    Defintely, one world is the only way to go...with the amount of story / lore content and the actions that are required by the players to alter the world to make it sustainable it will REQUIRE one world and would be totally unmanageable to do what we want and keep track of a lot of different servers running various versions. So we opt to stick with the one world...


    We had/have a lot of fun doing the interviews and look forward to doing more of them...

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