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shakermaker0shakermaker0 SheffieldPosts: 194Member Uncommon


I played DAOC at launch at loved it, I was playing EQ at the time so I never really jumped ship but I do have fond memories of the game. I was thinking of giving it a whirl again, I know its pretty old and I know the population peaks around 3000 on the Devon Cluster so im set for servers. I just want to know if there are some new players playing not just lots of level caps RvR'ing? Im going to get the trial but just wondering if i would be alone 1-cap. Also I heard that its essential to have two accounts? Is this the case? I have two monitors so its no problem just wanted to know.

Thanks in advance


  • sevitothsevitoth San Diego, CAPosts: 373Member Uncommon

    With the other two clusters slowly dying out, a lot of people are re-rolling on Devon, so there are plenty of  people leveling up new characters.


    To be competitive in rvr, you will need a buffbot, or guildies/friends who will buff you with theirs.



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  • mvinmvin Posts: 53Member

    Hi :)

    I recently subscribed  to US server, since i'm not sure that the EU servers are still active and dont wanna waste subscription fee to find out :)

    Anyways having loads of fun even if i had to start over :) DAOC is still one of the most fun games in gameplay, tho harder to new players :)

    Yours sincerly

    Happy DAOC player once again ;)

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