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Level 2 and all Spar/Battle attempts fail

carribuscarribus DublinPosts: 7Member

Is there something I'm not aware of? Like can I only fight a certain number of times a day if I'm not subscribed?

For example, I fought 3 fights today, and thereafter keep getting a ''Your challenge for battle was refused" error.



  • grimmwulfgrimmwulf Jackson, MIPosts: 4Member

     I've been playing for about a week on and off, I have not had the issue you are having.  Maybe the people you are challenging just don't want to fight you?  Try fighting NPCs

  • carribuscarribus DublinPosts: 7Member

    I figured out what the problem was. I believe I had an intermittent disconnect, and although the game reconnected to the backend servers, I couldn't get my battles going. So I just reloaded the page and it worked.

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