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AOC cheap now in Australia

_Shadowmage_Shadowmage MelbournePosts: 1,459Member

I saw the retail box yesterday for $30 Aus in JB-HiFi in Melbourne. Which is a lot better price than the $90 Aus it was selling for.

I almost picked up a copy at that price :) But I just dont have enough spare time at the moment to play a MMO.


  • SgtFrogSgtFrog LondonPosts: 5,001Member

    wow...that is supposed to be cheap?

    it cost £5 here.

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  • _Shadowmage_Shadowmage MelbournePosts: 1,459Member

    New games here in Aus are $90 - $100, console games are $100 to $110.

    At 5 pnds it should be jumping off the shelves, thats less than the cost of a months subscription.

  • not4usnot4us Sydney, NSWPosts: 6Member

    How about $14.95 (AUD)???

    The magazine "Online Gamer" is giving away a full retail copy (with box) along with the magazine available at your local newsagent (

    Got this the other day. Downloaded the Trial client from my ISP mirror and got a 7-day trial accoutn that will be upgrading to the full client after the 7 days, so all in all 37 days of AoC fro $14.95, not too shabby...

  • SysFailSysFail LondonPosts: 375Member

    Aye cheap in the UK also, i ordered a copy from amazon yesterday for £4 including delivery, looking forward to trying it out.

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