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Thoughts on best F2P game.

PyrostasisPyrostasis dallas, TXPosts: 2,293Member Uncommon

So burned out on most of the P2P games out atm, and figured the Homeless Gamers crew would try and find a F2P game that might be interesting for a few months while we wait on the next round of betas from the new upcoming games.

I have heard good things about atlantica and runes of magic.

Atlantica seems to have the +1 - +10 item system I seem to enjoy similar to SOTNW and Lineage2, but RoM seems to have more of a spell crafting system like DAOC.

Looking for something with a good item upgrade system like +1,+2 etc, with a good community and decent population.

Good pvp would also be a plus.

So is it basically RoM or Atlantica? or are there other good alternatives?


  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 8,162Member Rare

    I would put Perfect World in that circle.  It is as good as the other two. I personally don't like Atlantica because of what I feel is a very lame combat system, but others like it, so it is a matter of personal choice.

    PW has a much better written client than the other two, so if your machine is not a burner, PW would be a better choice.  Besides you can fly in PW and can't in the other two.

  • clwoodsclwoods Boardman, OHPosts: 625Member

    I really like Runes of Magic man.  Thought it was a great f2p title.  I love turn based rpg's and want to like Atlantica so much, but it just doesn't do it for me.  Having all your characters identified by their class and not giving them any sort of depth was one thing I didn't like.

  • PyrostasisPyrostasis dallas, TXPosts: 2,293Member Uncommon

    I havent looked at perfect world in a long time, but from what I just read in their beginners guide, it looks like their item system is a combination of RoM's and Atlanticas.

    You can put stats on an item, and you can + an item which multiplys the stats by a modifier. I like the sound of that.

    Only issue I had with RoM was the item system... it didnt have a +ing system, just the runes that were modifyers, but its on the table, just trying to find my options before selling it to the guys.

  • clwoodsclwoods Boardman, OHPosts: 625Member

    Are you Phaine?

  • PyrostasisPyrostasis dallas, TXPosts: 2,293Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by clwoods

    Are you Phaine?


    Yes thats me...why?

  • clwoodsclwoods Boardman, OHPosts: 625Member

    Just wondering.  I stop by your website sometimes.  I'm a gamer without a home atm.

  • PyrostasisPyrostasis dallas, TXPosts: 2,293Member Uncommon

    Cool, always enjoy having lurkers and posters there.

    Registering on the forums is a good way to get invited into our guild betas btw, few weeks ago registered everyone for the jump gate evolutions beta.

    Hoping to grab a bunch of us and get us into something that the majority can enjoy. We tried EQ2, but not enough people enjoyed it.

  • CzzarreCzzarre Cleveland, OHPosts: 3,742Member

    I would also throw Perfect world like Ozmo suggested. Solid all around

  • Salio69Salio69 under a rock, FLPosts: 428Member Common

    fly for fun is probably the best F2P game out. maple story is the most populated F2P game.

  • pyrocrazypyrocrazy Buffalo, ILPosts: 65Member

    Lol FlyFF...well if you do go there then have fun -_- i quit ever since they removed teh PvP channels in every server and jjust made a PvP server -_- screw that! I want a PvP channel per every server not just 1 god damn PvP server

  • PyrostasisPyrostasis dallas, TXPosts: 2,293Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by pyrocrazy

    Lol FlyFF...well if you do go there then have fun -_- i quit ever since they removed teh PvP channels in every server and jjust made a PvP server -_- screw that! I want a PvP channel per every server not just 1 god damn PvP server


    Maybe Im showing my age, but flyff just looks to...I guess the word is kiddy... for me.

  • TwistedFireTwistedFire Somewhere, ONPosts: 89Member

    Only Free to play I've managed to stick with (In the past few months) was Rappelz. Yes grindy but if you get a few friends it's quite fun, has a decent pet system, 3 races with different classes for each one. Upgrading items is a really simple process. Not sure how it works in the games you mentioned because I never got into them long enough.


    Overall it's simple but good to waste time on.

  • Gabby-airGabby-air surrey, BCPosts: 3,440Member Uncommon

    I would say atlantica was the best for me, the turn based combat is something fresh and it has a big main quest line which is quite interesting plus the community was awesome. I also liked perfect world mainly because it looked quite nice and had a lot of quests, rom i just coudnt get into it.

  • PyrostasisPyrostasis dallas, TXPosts: 2,293Member Uncommon

    looks like a toss up between perfect world and atlantica...

    Okie doke, thanks for the help guys, now to sell the group on it.

  • DeserttFoxxDeserttFoxx North York, ONPosts: 2,388Member Uncommon

    I really cant get into perfect world because it has been established for way to long, but im waiting for jade dynasty, it is perfect world but more my interest with that ancient china martial arts feel. IM also waiting for dragonsky being hosted by aeria games and luna online.


    Ive been beta testing dragonica online for a bit as well, the game is rather cool,b ut judging by its history, i doubt that game is being managed properly.

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  • FastTxFastTx PTBO, ONPosts: 756Member Uncommon

    Well you could always try the Chinese Aion Beta, a portion of their servers are free until the 15th and they are opening up a few more on the 15th which will be free for another 15 days. If you wanted to play seriously, the pay system is cheaper than over here, I don't believe theres a box price to play there, and $15 will give you 300 hours, you'd have to play 10 hours every single day and not restricted to the month. If you were to have a clan there, it wouldn't be too bad, theres a server that has gone P2P that holds most of the foreign playerbase.

    Like you said, you like the +ing system, which is featured in Aion. The game feels like a mixture of L2/DAOC/WOW. Obviously attempting to compete head2head with WoW.

    I'm planning to play one of the new regions on the 15th and get a fresh start with some people. Hopefully we can get enough players to play to get some organized PvP groups going in the abyss.

  • nekrothingnekrothing Blah, CAPosts: 302Member

    Monster Hunter Frontier would be one of the best for its real-time, directional-based combat system. Its crafting system is also fairly deep. Everything needs to be crafted, or can be crafted.No PVP in this game though, I think.

    Soul of the Ultimate Nation is pretty nice too, though there really isn't anything special about it in particular. Good graphics, good gameplay, good control system, fairly large amount of content, nice animations, decent combat system. It's pretty rare for a F2P game to have all of those qualities, from my experiences at least. Haven't had a chance to try out any of the PVP aspects of this game yet, though.

    Ironic thing is that I consider these to both be the best F2P MMOs out right now, yet they're both only in either Japanese, Korean, or Chinese. The only F2P MMOs that get internationalized are the pewpy ones.


  • madlukemadluke LeicesterPosts: 108Member Uncommon

    I think i'm your opposite, i'm burned out on f2p MMORPG's.


    The best of the ones i played are: Shaiya, Cabal (only for 3 months), Perfect World, and i am currently on my way to try out Runes Of Magic.


    I didn't like Atlantica very much at all, maybe due to overhyping of the game.



    EDIT: Completely forgot Sword of the New World. This game for me was difficult for new players, so it has a learning curve, but the community when i played was great, and i learned. The in game music is awesome, and it boasts some of the best f2p graphics i have seen.


    EDIT 2: I'll also add Phoenix Dynasty, although when i played it the community was still fairly small, but if it wasn't it would be one of the best i've ever played.


  • BigMangoBigMango BrightonPosts: 1,821Member

    If you havent seen this:  2008 Best of F2P Awards


    The best f2p for me currently is Rohan. It has some of the best combat in the mmo industry (like lineage 2, shayia, etc... - nothing like the slow and boring combat we have in western mmos), and the features you are looking for (item forging and item de-leveling/refining, good classes, good pvp with township battles, huge map, etc...).

    Rohan also has the best f2p graphics. The world is much more detailed than the other games (you at least need to check out the different areas to get an idea of the diversity). In 1920x1080 with 4x antialiasing and 16x anisotropic filtering it looks great (you need to force the settings in your gfx card control panel - glow must be disabled for AA to work).

    Character & combat animations are gorgeous.

    Movement is very good once you disable the point and click in the settings. You can't jump, but this is a minor detail to me.

    The sound & music are also a level above the other games (but they do need to replace the footsteps sound). I love the music and the immersive environmental sounds (wind, birds,...).

    The only problems I see with Rohan is the extremely steep leveling curve in the higher levels and the item mall that sells items to make you stronger (imho item shops are fine, but when they sell items to get stronger it breaks the pvp balance). Still, the game is a lot of fun nevertheless and as I don't need to be the "best" on my server it doesn't bother me.

    Ahhh... another improtant point on the Rohan item mall: you can purchase all of the item mall items with ingame money (you don't need to spend real cash if you don't want). Players can sell their ingame items and ingame gold on the Rohan exchange for "Rohan Points" (this is what you also purchase with real money and these points allow you to buy item mall items). You can also make ingame money fast with the ingame card games, fishing, etc... and convert this into Rohan Points in the exchange to buy item mall items.

    -> So, the bottom line is : real money is not "needed" in rohan as you can convert ingame items&money, but it makes it faster for those who want the shorcut.  (and of course if you don't intend to compete at the top you don't need the mall at all).


    Other good f2ps are shayia, rappelz and requiem.

    If leveling is a problem for you, Rappelz and Shayia (in the first - easy - mode) have an easier leveling curve than Rohan. The problem I have with these games, compared to Rohan, is the small world.


    Perfectworld would be at the top with Rohan for me if it didn't have the broken combat mechanic. It has a delay when you press a key, this makes it clunky and breaks the feeling for me (it's the same problem on the Malaysian and the US servers).


    As for the other games... Cabal, Last Chaos, etc.... I don't like the zoning with the small zones, and Atlantica I don't like turn based combat.



  • merruamerrua limerickPosts: 12Member

    I'd say at the moment the best f2p game is Free realms. Lots to do, minigames, quests, job system, exploration, card games. A lot of fun.

    After that it depends on what you like.

    Runes of magic is pretty nice, questing is fun, dungeons are well received, there is open pvp if you want it with looting players, guild housing, player housing. I like the skill system. The weapon upgrade system isn't that fun.

    Atlantica is very popular. I have just started the game but I admit its fun. You have up to 9 npcs running around with you.

    DOMO quests are widely well spoken of. Its been compared to old everquest. They have many different types of quests and lots of them. The game also has a job system like Free realms. Sword flying is fun at you get that at level 15. The pet system is interesting however they are sold in the cash shop.

    Wizard 101 is pretty fun. It has a card game, dungeons for 1 person and dungeons for teams.

  • merruamerrua limerickPosts: 12Member

    Regarding Rohan. I also liked this game.

    The only problem I have ran into is I am not sure where my next quest is. It may require you to grind on mobs for a while to reach the next quest. If thats the case its not very fun.

    If it had enough quests I'd love to go back to playing it was combat was fun and the world was lovely.


  • PinkerlPinkerl osakaPosts: 123Member

    it's gonna be aika online but right now is either runes of magic or requiem

  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,074Member Epic

    I am also waiting on Aika Online, Priston Tale 2 and Jade Dynasty. As of right now I would say the best FTP games are Free Realms and Rappelz.

  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,074Member Epic
    Originally posted by Pyrostasis

    Cool, always enjoy having lurkers and posters there.
    Registering on the forums is a good way to get invited into our guild betas btw, few weeks ago registered everyone for the jump gate evolutions beta.
    Hoping to grab a bunch of us and get us into something that the majority can enjoy. We tried EQ2, but not enough people enjoyed it.


    I signed up at your site.

  • RZetlinRZetlin New York, NYPosts: 134Member Uncommon

    I recommend Mabinogi. 

    There's a lot life skills you can learn in this game.

    The battle system is unique - it requires some thinking on battling the enemies. 

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