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DarkSpace News Update - Free Trial

DrafellDrafell Virginia Beach, VAPosts: 588Member

Palestar wishes to invite everyone to come and participate in the DarkSpace experience for two weeks, gratis. This is in addition to the 14 day game time coupon you will receive upon creating an account, and does not restrict your ability to continue playing in the limited mode after the free time expires.

It's easy - simply go to and complete the registration process, then download the latest client from one of our list of download mirrors, and you could be shortly blasting your way through hordes of space pirates, decimating the opposing factions in an attempt to gain universal dominance, helping to stem the invading tide of the dreaded Machine Intelligence, or simply whittling away your days attempting to construct the most awe inspiring orbital defense network known to man-(or alien)-kind.

Of course, the enemy has it's own plans, and will surely be hunting you like a dog throughout.

This offer expires 03/08/2009 at 20:00 CST.

We look forward to seeing you...

- The DarkSpace Development Team



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