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HJ is not Vaporware.



  • DraqDraq Podunk, IAPosts: 297Member

    This game took too long to come out so I'm definitely not going to buy it when it finally does. Yeah, that makes sense.

  • TheAestheteTheAesthete Philadelphia, PAPosts: 264Member
    Originally posted by Isane

    They have missed no window of opportunity this game will still sell whenever it is released. Dishonesty a bit strong.... If you don't care why even post , seems to me that the dishonesty is coming from one place , yourself.


    Was it your April Fools joke to post in a thread where the last poster was you, fully one year earlier?

  • ValendrosValendros las vegas, NVPosts: 123Member
    Originally posted by Draq  on 1/26/2008

    Ok seriously folks. Enough with the vaporware discussion. On the official forums they've said they will likely resume marketing later this year. 

    ROFL... Wonder how Draq feels about it now...

  • DraqDraq Podunk, IAPosts: 297Member

    Seeing as how they resumed marketing later that year, pretty good.

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