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I have been forced to...quit

CrimsonSkullCrimsonSkull PerthPosts: 36Member

Thats right, I have been forced to quit because i let in about 55 viruses into my computer, and they sorta destroyed alot of information that was very valuable to my family. So as a punishment all my games have been wiped, my brothers computer (the good one) is now off limits for me, and my broadband connection has been taken away. I am REALLY pissed off at this and i havnt gotten a chance to say goodbye to the people who i have spent so many hours talking to over the last year. And in order for me to start playing again i have to buy my own laptop and broadband connection and play off there, so im guessing that i will not be able to play for at least another year from now.

Please, anybody that reads this, tell the following people that i have been forced to stop playing and tell them i will come on as soon as possible, cutegemgold, arkz, lightsonicx, velazquez, shosha, zenithwolf (i know he has quit but he comes on every so often), and xxjohnnyyboyxx, thats all i can think of right now. Thanks to anyone that tells them, you guys are awesome.





  • SetokiraSetokira Conway, SCPosts: 44Member

    Crimson Skull, hey man try publice libaries. The one's in my county dont block endless online. And with the anitvirus in there, no virses should come. Also antiviruses helps alot to keep virus free

  • oblivonkilloblivonkill Homestead, FLPosts: 8Member

    Ya try the library

  • SolarbearSolarbear Bottom of the well inPosts: 26Member

    ya agreed


    But man u would of been in strife 55 VIRUSES

    Just how? How could that happen I know u btw Im Darkmainzs :p



    Happy april fools for Australia <3333 PB&J

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