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Still breathing?

calmyroncalmyron Dallas, TXPosts: 46Member

 Okay, I know this isn't much, but it was posted within the last couple of months, after the reported layoffs, on January 9th on the official HJ forums at


All I can say(In any of the three identical topics) is that yes development is still happening. Sadly beyond that I can't really say much as I don't really know what I am allowed to or not, so to be on the safe side I don't post much. Just haven't seen someone respond in a bit so wanted to give some reassurance it is happening. Believe me, some of us are just as impatient as yall are;)



Okay, so it's not much, but at least one person is still working on the project. LOL



  • aeliethaelieth Shawnee, OKPosts: 44Member

    One time I drove through this little town and stopped at the Sonic. I ordered something, sat there for a while and waited. I looked in and realized that only ONE person was doing EVERYTHING. This kind of reminds me that time, except its an MMO. 

  • calmyroncalmyron Dallas, TXPosts: 46Member

     Yeah, kinda seems that way. Too bad. This MMO had tons of great ideas and possibilities. Now, even if it does come out, all their new ideas have been taken by other MMOs.

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