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I wouldn't recommend this game.

ZenrenZenren Orlando, FLPosts: 68Member

Although this game has a high user rating, I wouldn't recommend it anymore. The problem is that you really can't compete without spending real money on campus cash or whatever they call it at the other website offering this game. Honestly it's one the best golf games out there, but it's still crap. I guess because it's golf, people just don't think it's necessary to spend any money or time developing something worth while.

My initial reviews and ratings were high because I was impressed with it overall compared to other games being offered, but with my present experience, I would recommend stearing clear. That doesn't mean I recommend Albatross 18 either, both are infinetly frustrating and unpredictable, my major complaint. You can shoot the same shot, at the same location, exactly the same and it will do something completely different. The fact that the slider on Shot Online is so hard to follow is another huge complaint.  Just so you know, one of the best selling items on the website are a set of clubs that slow down that bar, because it is insanely hard to follow.

After spending some time in the game I also realized that everyone that's doing remotely well has spent  massive amounts of money on real cash items from the website. Also the only way to choose certain characters is with a membership and that costs real cash as well. Over all I'd recommend spending your time playing Tiger Woods PGA or Hotshots, this game will eventually get you to the point of pulling out your hair or having a heart attack, depending on your age.

If you're reading this, you probably need to get some sun.



  • ShreddiShreddi Thousand Oaks, CAPosts: 317Member Uncommon

    thanks for the info.  So your saying you can play excacty the same shot the same way and it acts different?   Seems hard to replicate the same shot excactly but if your good at it I guess you can get close enough.  Sounds like luck not skill.   I would be fine with real money games if skill were involved and not just hoping for luck.    Is that correct?  the game does NOT have consistant realistic physics?   Thanks.

    This post is intentionally written as to not make any sense what so ever. Thank You Very Much.

  • ZenrenZenren Orlando, FLPosts: 68Member

    I would say luck is very important in this game... skill has something to do with it, but luck seems to be prevailing factor. Sorry for the extended taime in replying. I just Warhammer Online and I'm patching, was reviewing my previous posts and saw that you asked a question.

    If you're reading this, you probably need to get some sun.

  • HerodesHerodes Posts: 1,494Member Uncommon

    In Albatross18 (Pangya) I hate, that every idiot and hie mom hits a Hole-in-one because you can calculate it with a simple special shot. Perhaps I should test Shot Online...

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