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watching for this game from .... ?

cosycosy ColentinaPosts: 3,228Member Uncommon

for how many years u keep a eye on this game ?

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  • StizzledStizzled Springfield, MOPosts: 1,512Member Uncommon

    Getting close to a year for me. I first discovered this game back in January, been checking the site regularly ever since. I'm quite excited about this game, alot of people seem to be turned off by the procedural generation, but I have to say an "endless" universe to explore sounds great.

  • piotrsanpiotrsan KatowicePosts: 58Member
    Close to 2 years. Im really expcting it to be the first tactical space sim after darkspace.
  • redriverredriver mississauga, ONPosts: 124Member


  • Shoko_LiedShoko_Lied -, WAPosts: 2,165Member Uncommon

    along ass time

  • AveBethosAveBethos Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 611Member

    Been watching this game for several years now.  Really unique gameplay and a great engine.  I don't see how it might fail.  There is too much perfectionism going into this game for it not to succeed.

  • solnicarissolnicaris Farmington, NHPosts: 148Member

    Been watching this game for a while myself. The gfx and the scope of the game appeals to all space sim gamers but it's getting it out soon enough so people don't get fed up in waiting. With games like JGE, STO and BP coming people might just move on if they don't least go beta this year. But I have been watching this one as well for about two years and if the screenshots and the movies represent gameplay then I will be all over it when it does finally come out.

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  • ZebraFinchZebraFinch TantaPosts: 27Member

    More than 2 years

  • B1ightB1ight Fort Myers, FLPosts: 109Member

    since it was just a journal on so since its conception

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