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Recommend this game!

DeadEndDeadEnd DordrechtPosts: 98Member

I really recommend this game to everyone that likes playing real MMORPG's. You don't have to be a golfing fanat to like this game. I was not, and have never been, but I still loved this game. The community is great, people listen to you. When newbie's are whining for money, some people will give out some. (I'm not saying you should, I'm just saying people are that nice) My friend did it and he had 3 million. I think that says enough about the community. Now there's still the role playing thing, I think there's been made perfect use of it. You can sell and trade items as far as your heart desires, and you can level up your character till 100.  To give you an idea on how long this takes, 50 takes about 2 months of full time play, from level 98 to 100 is just as much as from 1 to 50. You got the idea? It will probably take way longer then a year. I've been playing 1 year now with ups and downs and I'm 51. This game doesn't get boring, it has so many content, and there are content updates a lot. The game is FREE!  There are tournaments being held every now and then, in which you can win a lot of money and/or good valuable items. Look at it, the game ratings are far beyond expectations, 6.9 was the expectation and it's 7.9 now. Don't you think that says a lot? There are guilds which can level up and get loads of benefits. With a guild you have many possibilities, but the main thing is helping each other and having fun, which I'm having a lot in my current one.

At last: If you decide to play the game, don't forget to mention my name on the paper, as the one that made you play the game. (they always ask for that) It will be "Marly". You can add me in the game as "Marlonn". (Marly is my account name and Marlonn is my characters name)

I hope to see you there, I'm sure we'll have loads of fun. If you like you could even join my guild, which will be a lot of fun.

See you in the future, PM me once you registrated, and don't forget to mention my name. 


Currently playing Shot Online: Marlonn - lvl 52 Zygmunt.

"Argueing online is like running in the special Olympics... even if you win your still a retard."



  • antidotenantidoten LinköpingPosts: 1Member

    I must say i recommend this game aswell. At first I didnt thought i would like it, but once i started i was hooked up. This game is really relaxing and there is skills requiered if u want to do good. You can play all kinds of golf, 3,6,9,18 hole. u can play stroke (regular game), betting money, play in team two vs two and many other options.


    I hope you enjoy it its fun!.

  • LimonesLimones gofuckyourselvesPosts: 95Member

    I'm downloading the game right now. Thanks for the recommendation and I hope it's just as fun as you say it is. I will make sure to put your name on my sign up form and if you still play I will add you!

    EDIT: I did not have to fill out your name in the registering proces.

  • ShreddiShreddi Thousand Oaks, CAPosts: 317Member Uncommon

    Im downloading as well.   I just noticed there hasnt been any activity in the forum for about a year.  Is it dead?

    This post is intentionally written as to not make any sense what so ever. Thank You Very Much.

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