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I think this game will be really cool

alenbobialenbobi BudapestPosts: 15Member

I cheked the official site of the game and i explored that the game will be awsome!  The game has stunning graphics and really good gameplay I would like to know if this game will be F2p or P2P ??  And when will be released ?? Excellent Work Suff!!!!  


  • cipi_ratycipi_raty BucharestPosts: 15Member

    This amazing game that we all are waiting for will be F2P!!! I know that everyone will like this game even if they don't know much about Football/Soccer. A realease date is not yet mentioned though the guys are working on making it perfect! Cheers!

  • burnoutfigsburnoutfigs Olympia, WAPosts: 8Member Uncommon

    I know i'm really looking forward to playing this game. I hope i'm able to try the beta out.

  • IshiotIshiot CwmbranPosts: 8Member

     This is the only game this year i have actually wanted to play and not forgotten about. In my humble opinion it's going to be the best game of the year. To top it all off it's free to play. What more could you want?? I even bought a new computer just so i can play this game on release flawlessly.. I CAN'T WAIT!!

  • 77Static7777Static77 Brush Prairie, WAPosts: 3Member

    yes i love this game. I am in the transer window right now and i enjoy it.

  • SalmuthSalmuth OrleansPosts: 2Member

    I've been testing the game for 3 months now and I can tell you, it looks better and better.


    They are doing an amazing job and the soccer fan all over the world will get crazy about this game! It's a total different experience from the FIFA or PES multuplayers mode.

    From the camera position to the controls (keyboard + mouse, never ever tested the gamepad even being a PES player), it's gives you a very different sensation on the pitch.

    Plus, the gameplay is a lot more realistic.

  • PinturicchioPinturicchio RENO, NVPosts: 36Member Uncommon

    This game has the unique oportunity of being HUGE!!! Football have millions and millions of fans, so, if this game make the rights moves is going to be the most played mmorpg.

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