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Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning: Teir Two RvR Guide: Witch Elf

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common Warhammer Online Correspondent Andrew Bobb writes this look at RvR in Tier Two for the popular Dark Elf Witch Elf career in Mythic's RVR-centric game.

After completing the first ten levels as a Witch Elf, you should be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the class. Tier One RvR has also given you a feel for how you want to play the class. As you begin leveling through Tier Two, you will begin to focus on a career mastery path. Each point you dedicate to a path increased the effectiveness of that path's core abilities and progresses you towards path exclusive skills.

Read the Teir Two RvR Guide: Witch Elf

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • SamhaelSamhael Huntsville, ALPosts: 869Member Uncommon

    FYI, all the links on the main page refer to "Teir" instead of "Tier."

  • EranuEranu HartlepoolPosts: 191Member

    Great rundown on the skills however i didnt really see this as much of an rvr guide to be honest.

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